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I haven't been playing FM recently.  I've been working a lot and playing other games.  I thought I'd load it up and have a few games.  First game, amazing feels.



I felt like we were the better team and they were lucky to take the lead.  It came from a set piece that was saved but followed up.  We had chances and the equaliser I felt put us in pole position until Ajayi was sent off.  They were too defensive Bayern and it looked like they tried to hit us on the break and it never happened for them.  They play 4 - 4 - 2 which feels strange for the players they have.  Onguene headed in Djerkleks corner for the winner, nothing less than we deserved!

But some people are never happy :lol:


How the league has gone so far:


We have a proper class team.  Being able to beat the likes of Arsenal and Chelsea.  Well, we demolished Chelsea.  Tata Martino is in charge and he's playing the wrong players in the wrong positions.  He's even sold Kante.  He has Christensen at right back over Vrsaljkio and he has de Ligt sat on the bench.  De Light is one of the players I have my eye on, I'd pay the money and the wages for him, he'd be insane in my team.

Table so far:



Joveljic wants his golden boot again.  Makes me feel bad on Wintzheimer because he's good and deserves first team but Joveljic is just too good.

I put money into the recruitment team.  We got some good scouts in.  Just need to find me some gems now.


I do have space in my coaching team and they keep reminding me that I do, but none of the staff are good enough to make my team better.  Scott Parker is the only one but it feels wrong to try and sign a coach for £500k.

Oh yeah, and I find it weird I may have to pay my best players £130k P/W to get him to be happier but look at this!


The wages some of these clubs spend!  It's mental!

And the money they spend!


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Only two fixtures in two months because of a Winter World Cup is a very odd thing to see.  I'm hoping players don't become unhappy due to it, this is a new experience! :lol:

If we do well in other competitions, January onwards is going to be stacked.  This could cost us trophies!  Going to be interesting to see!

Our World Cup players.  Nice to see.


Shame Serbia didn't qualify as we have three class players who play for their national team.  Valdez hasn't been called up for Mexico which is a same for a player of his quality.  He is very much an AML inside forward and is very one footed.  They play 4 - 4 - 1 - 1 with flat wingers so it isn't much of a surprise, shame he's not actually been capped at all by Mexico but he's only 20.  Wait!  Arias isn't going with Colombia and hasn't been capped either!  His stats aren't amazing but he's scored 9 in 9(6) apps, which is bloody good form.

These are the players that have missed out:



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No red, it's awesome.  We're a very good side, honestly think the squad I've built is good enough to say it's one of the best in the world due to the teams togetherness.  How many teams can play against Juventus for 23 minutes with 10 men and manage to score a 90th minute equaliser? We missed a good chance just before that as well.  The squad has such a good vibe.



I don't think us or Manchester United will go unbeaten all season but to get near half way and unbeaten is a brilliant feeling.  I've felt my defense was my weakest area but we're not conceding many goals.  3 out my 4 CBs are at the World Cup, with the 4th his national team haven't qualified.  My right backs are English and England play with wing backs and have players there for that.  Out of my left backs, the one who's national team has qualified, he's going to the world cup.  My goalkeeper is at the World Cup, it's great.

Goal is to win as many trophies as I can, but I want the Champions League the most.


What I mean by stacked.  A Champions League game in January?  FA cup hasn't been drawn yet.  We've qualified for the next stage in the Champions League so games will be moved.  This is going to be mad!

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It's great to see this


And it continued with this:


We hit the woodwork, we missed a CCC but being the much better side away at Juventus is a very good result.  Going to be hard to keep it going though, we face City two matches in a row now and my strikers aren't doing very well since the patch hit.

Sadly, we finished the group 2nd.


And then this happened...


Wish me luck :(:eek:

On the plus side though, I increased my wage and transfer budget by changing my season goals to qualify for the Champions League and picked this lad up for 4.6mil.  I reckon it's quite a damn steal for that money.  B2B is what I needed and he has alot of room to grow, he's bloody versatile as well.



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Pretty good January, we lost against Arsenal due to a fantastic free kick and lost our winning streak but we bounced back and I'm happy with that.  City aren't the team they should be.  You'll see that in the league table below.

We've just lost 3 - 1 against Chelsea.  We had more chances we just couldn't put them away, especially going down to 10 men after we lost Wintzhemmer to injury. I'd take the loss, this is what I'm more bothered about.


:(:(:( It's a huge blow to our chances.  Hoping Jensen and Walter came come in and take the place.  Gutted.


I said my strikers couldn't score then this happens.



Well, that's me eating my own words.

I finally got a coach I wanted in.  He didn't seem to want to leave playing HOYD but I offered huge wages.  He's class. absolutely class.


We got some facilities being upgraded:




The money going round is crazy, look at this!  Premier League isn't top!



Imagine most of my balance going on one player!? I prefer to spend less on young players and make them trained at club. 


We didn't bring anyone else in.  I have been scouting youth but nothing has made me want to move.  I did bid for Ben Chilwell but he went to Chelsea for less wages then I offered and we're actually in the Champions League, they're in Europa.

It's pretty tight in the league, hopefully we can come out top.  The Real Madrid game is very soon, followed by Manchester United in the Carabao Cup Final and Manchester CIty in the FA Cup 5th Round.  We don't have Wintzheimer(Out for a month) or Ortiz for the cup run.  Isn't going to be easy two months this:


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We won the first game at home!  Valdez scored finished off two great surging attacks.  Bale scored a 25 yard screamer for Real.



But this is bad news.  My best CB and my best fit CM.


Whilst scouting we've found this player.  He isn't good but what a very random name!


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Our first Carabao Cup!




Captain William Vaulks takes his side to a Carabaro Cup final and wins!

Our first goal came from a ball over the top by Valdez, Joveljic beat De Gea and smashed in.  Our 2nd came fron a Djerlek corner, De Gea came out and was beaten to it by Palmer-Brown to make it 2!  Our 3rd, Joveljic threads it through for Djerlek who makes it 3.  Lukaku scored his first from a very good attack.  His 2nd came from a cross and headed in, it got very nervy for 5 minutes!  De Gea had a bad game, he messed up again but Joveljic didn't manage to capitalize from it!  Walter came on in the 69th minute to make his debut for the Captain who wasn't having the best game but seeing a Miller who has been with me since day one of me being at the club be able to bring success is brilliant.

Next, FA Cup vs Manchester City!

The FA cup dream is still alive!

We started with our 2nd team, Smith is back from int duty and gives Sehovic a well needed break.



Great start when Walter fed through Nketiah who cooly slotted in.  Walter got his first Rotherham goal on his first start for the club after Joveljic fed him through.  Guedes managed to just be onside to smash in a Grealish pass.  Djevelekaj absolutely walloped it home after Stones clears from a cross in and he's on the edge of the area.  Jensen got his first Rotherham goal from a Bogle cross, he hit the crossbar originally but managed to hit in the loose ball.  Guedes gets his 2nd from a bad throw from us that landed to his feet and my word he scored a beauty but it's the Millers who are through!

And it's a South Yorkshire derby!


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Started reading this today and I didn't think after only 3 pages I'd be reading about a Premier League win and getting to Knockout Stages of Champions League.

Brilliant progress. KUTGW

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3 hours ago, andychar said:

Started reading this today and I didn't think after only 3 pages I'd be reading about a Premier League win and getting to Knockout Stages of Champions League.

Brilliant progress. KUTGW

Cheers man.  I think in this save I've gotten lucky.  Loaning in Janssen was huge and realistically I shouldn't of been able to bring a player such as that to Rotherham.  Then going into the Premier league I was able to pick up wonder kids for not a lot of money from over-seas.  Could I do it again this fast? Probably not.  Those youth players were brilliant and I'm not sure I could get them again, especially since some were regens!

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One dream is over.


Bale was just class.  We were missing Ortiz, Bartos, Hasic and Onguene.  Was a huge blow for us, all 4 are starting 11.

FA Cup Dream is still alive!


My word, we were awful for 60 minutes.  I changed formation and we battered them!

This is how the league currently looks.  We need to win those games in hand.  My last league game, we lose 2 - 0 to Newcastle.  We had 3 CCCs, hit the woodwork twice and just could not score!


And we've just drawn Newcastle in the FA cup, I need to get revenge!


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We're into the FA Cup Final!


Was close, Newcastle are a good side!


Stoke in reality have done us a huge favour and have a bigger chance of beating them!  Should be a cracker!


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The Premiership is ours




FA Cup still to come.





Two games to go to see who will be golden boot! 


Tottenham game was mental.  We weren't the the races, then this happens.


Bournemouth gave us a helping point!


City game was so close, Milan got sent off in the 17th minute for a two footed lunge, we were so unlucky.

Hopefully Joveljic can get the Golden Boot again and for us to the win the FA cup.  That'd be a cracking way to end the season.

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End of season


Wasn't the result I wanted but they have an alright side and they played very well against us.  I never expected they were going to be relegated.


Could of been different if United didn't draw so many games.  Great for us!

He got it again!






4 Players in the end of the year team, lovely.  Bit of a shock that Djerlek isn't in the team though!



Now for the FA Cup Final...

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FA Cup Final Day




:cool: I don't think I've had a player score such a quick hat-trick!


Our Cabinet is getting bigger...


Plans for summer, sell some of the deadwood and try bring in some English talent.  Dream would be to buy Nathan Ake from PSG and Jadon Sancho from Arsenal but they'll be too much money no doubt.  I do need HG.


Walter was so good, he fit in the B2B role just as good, if not better than Ortiz. 


What do they want from me to become a legend!?


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Friendly's went really well.  Yes, we beat Barcelona!!!


And then this happened!



Great feeling after our loss last season.  We hit the woodwork 3 times!!!  Their striker actually got an offer from us but he wasn't going to be first team like Arsenal offered, he was going to be rotation and play at AML due to a selling.. you'll see in a sec.


I mean, yes he is a good but he's very one footed and rejected 100k P/W so yeah!

Anyway onto our transfers...



That was such silly money for Ajayi and Onomah, I listed them and offered them out and Brentford wanted both.  They're going to play rotation there as well!

Milan is insanely silly money!  He is a good poacher, but he was my backup AMR-IF and I felt he was decent enough in cup games, he wasn't cutting it in the league and he was on too much wage already and he wanted more!  I cashed in, the money is silly.


Brad Smith I offered out to see if anyone was interested and they bid that for Brad Smith... I stole money.  He's good but my replacement is just as good and English, only less wages etc.

Arthur has some very good stats but I don't see him as a Miller.  His teamwork, vision and work rate isn't what I want and we have better players.  I thought I'd cash in.

So okay, I broke my own rule... I spent a bit of money on a player.



Holding replaces Ajayi and he's just, better.  Ashby is an 18 year old I had to spend the min. fee from West Brom, he's worth it.


Targett replaces Smith for a lot less money and we bring in Gomes for backup on a free.  Silva was listed and my scouts went insane.  So... I had too.


He's a Model Citizen.  He's very experienced at the top level. He's now trained in England so he gives us a foreign spot. He's able to play AMC and AMR in what I need.  Djerlek is my AMC and is superb but I'm going to put him at AML-IF and retrain him there.  Even if he just assisted two in the community shield. 

So this is how my starting 11 will look:


My wages have gone up! But when I lost to Real I needed to get a stronger core and I believe I have.  Players have gotten better and I have brought in some stronger players.


Hoping somehow Gomez doesn't like Real Madrid and I can take him.


Current team:






We still have the best coaching team.


Our scouts are very good, we may need to improve out data analysts.


The medical team is due us not having as many I think compared to other teams.



Turns out that our rep did grow, I thought it hadn't.  I tried to go for Ake, Sancho etc but the clubs refused to sell.

Even after our big purchase, our finances are very good.  They'll be going into any facilities when there is an option available.


Right, I think that is everything, let's kick on the season and we're at home for once!  To the New York Stadium to face Chelsea!


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August was a perfect month.  4 clean sheets with two different back fours playing two games each which has given me a huge headache which to play away at Manchester United.  Hasic was on fire. 



This is one bloody tough group though.


Can we keep the run going in September?


This just popped up, wow the Premiership has some money to spend :eek:.


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Good enough month.  We were lucky against Manchester United.  They scored twice but were offside for both so we managed to take all 3 points.  Watford was a frustrating game, we couldn't break them down, only positive is the clean sheet.  Salzburg was an easy enough game.  Their goal came from an absolute worldy.  Was such a hit.  Huddersfield were poor rather than us being good but Joveljic got a brace to help him try and retain the golden boot.  Southampton scored first, all I did was change which flank Gomes and Kent were playing on and we were great.  Kent was unplayable.  The City game was very even, we scored from a penalty and their new striker Ayala bought from Real scored a great solo effort.

The table so far; it's up to Tottenham to keep the pressure on.



Those clean sheets :cool:.  And yes, Targett is playing that well.  He's keeping Sehovic out of the side!

I've improved the coaching staff, even though I'm ranked the best in the league supposedly I didn't have enough coaches for Rotherham so here's my star ratings.  Looking good.  I could probably get a 5 star shot stopper if I had another spot but I refuse to sack Mike Pollitt. 



This is how October looks. Newcastle are in form and then playing Barcelona will be a tough test.


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Green :cool:

Ajax was a simple enough game for us with Ben Ashby smashing in a low shot from the edge of the box for his first Rotherham goal.  Stoke was scrappy and we struggled to make chances but thanks to some fancy play from Wintzheimer as he dummies his sliding defender to curl a shot in, we walked way with all 3 points.  Newcastle we were great, a much better showing then last time around.  Great though isn't even good enough to describe our fantastic display against Barcelona.  We were 4 - 0 up!!!  They scored 2 goals in added time!  The match build up was all about Joveljic and how Barcelona play to handle him, so I played Wintzheimer instead, he got a brace and Barcelona defender Marco Varnier had one of the worst games of his career.   I'm sure he made a huge mistake against us when he played for Manchester United.  Southampton was another scrappy game, our goal came from Joveljic heading it on the bar, it hit goalkeeper Kalinic in the back for an O.G, that's all we could get out of it but it's 3 points which could decide a title. 

The league table:


We may get the golden glove this year, can't see Joveljic getting the golden boot.  Henderson has been fab, we've only conceded 3 goals in 11 games!


Our 18 year old English midfielder got his first England cap which is great for both sides.  Future of England and Rotherham this lad!


Our facilities have been upgraded, but still not good enough so I've asked for them to be upgraded again, I mean we do have the money.





Onto November.  A run of 4 games including a trip to the Nou Camp which Barcelona will be seeking revenge.  Leeds and Arsenal will be tough tests but maybe Brentford will surprise me.  Two ex-players wanting a goal against us.


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Posted (edited)


Good month.  Championsiop side Swansea was a struggle, I had to bring Bernardo on change things, he scored in the 89th minute for us to qualify to the next round.  Brentford our ex players didn't make any impact.  Joveljic scored a pen and Wintzheimer scored a belter to give us a win and a clean sheet but Ward was still in net, I forgot to change him out after the Swansea game :lol:.  We should have lost at Nou Camp, Barcelona were the better side but Ter Stegen dwelled on the ball, sub Joveljic stole it and put it in after 86 minutes, robbery and gave us qualification after 4 games! Ajax need a result against us to take the 2nd spot from Barcelona.


Leeds was a crazy game full of cracking goals.  Yunus Malli got Leeds off to a good start after a great free kick after 7 minutes.  We pulled it back with Holding scoring from a corner and Ashby hit a beauty for us to go a head.  Holding scored again from a corner, it came in, Kent hit in, ball bounced lucky to Holding who hit in.    Wintzheimer scored our 4th from a bloody rocket from the edge of the area.  Willock then scored a beauty from 25 yards to make it 4 - 2.  95th minute Clarke scored Leeds' 3rd goal, it was a great game for neutrals. The Arsenal game though was scrappy, didn't expect much from it, thought it'd be 0 - 0 but a mistake in the back from Arsenal CB Niakhate let Djerlek score the only goal of the game.  Salzburg was a dominate performance with Angel Gomes scoring a belter.

Here's December.  Some tough games with us playing Liverpool, Arsenal and then Tottenham.  I've already played my first game, which this appeared, had to fine him and play the game with only 1 striker fit as I realised I've forgotten to mention Eddies bad injury. Oh yeah and Ludwig fancying a beer instead.




Let's see what we can do!


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Posted (edited)


What a bloody miserable month.


Started off well, we beat Ajax meaning they came 3rd in the group and Barcelona took 2nd.  Then it just went downhill.  Leicester just sat back and frustrated us, we couldn't get a good chance together.  Liverpool was a tight match, it took 1 cross and a headed goal to make the difference.  Arsenal were the better side, this started the slope.




We were awful, we were just letting them shoot, letting them get every 2nd ball, it was grim.  I changed tactic and we pulled two back but the damage had been long done.  There will be players in/out when January flows.  Aston Villa we were the better side but they got the two goals.
Burnley I changed tactic slightly, Djerlek went AMC and we were much better.  December has a chance of costing us the league.  Both of my strikers are massively out of form and I can't seem to figure out how to change this.


Can we get the top spot back in January? If I could, I'd sell Bernado and bring in a natural AML.


Oh yeah and this is our Champions League draw, another hard one!


Oh, we got a goal of the month!  Was a beauty.  Usually our good goals don't seem to make it!


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Posted (edited)



It was a pretty good month.  We dominated at Chelsea.  Chester was an easy route.  Norwich they sat behind the ball but new Captain Onguene won us the 3 points, favourite part was when he was "celebrating with the fans" and he's by the Norwich fans, not the Millers :lol:.  Manchester United game, we were on top until we lost Bernado Silva to a red card after 32 minutes, United were the better side after that.  Cambridge we were alright and Watford we were very good, I forgot to swap Henderson back in for Ward again :lol:.

The problem we're now having is injuries and I've got a bit mad due us potentially not winning the league so...

Our new RB got injured after 45 minutes.


We lost Ortiz -again- this time on international duty and he'll be out for the rest of the season.


So players out..


Bogle was just not good enough anymore.  Vaulks wasn't needed, wanted to play so he's gone to play.

Players in.. and I spent.


Yep, I spent 72mil on a LW-IF.  I do like bringing youngsters in, making them trained at the club and I am still doing that, at the moment I'm struggling to find good players that I can train and I really need that a class player in that position.  I have Valdez who is home grown in that position with both nation trained Eddie and Angel but they're good squad players, I need some class.  I've got Ortiz, Bartos who are home grown, Jensen will be at the end of the season and Walter and Ashby in the future who are class.  The LW lacked badly.


Potential to be first team, tracking him for a while and he was listed.


Found him for cheap, potential.

And then the big one.


I have no idea why Real sold, he's been amazing for them.  He wanted an new contract and it looked like they wouldn't give him one, he was on £150K P/W.  He looks like he's done well enough to me!


I've needed a proper LW, will he fill the void?  Can we win the prem?


Our balance is still good enough and I will be selling players at the end of the season.

I want the title at least :lol: I want the treble really.

And it's us who are the top spenders for once :D and only under PSG :lol:



And we're back to the top, just.  It's 3 man race for the title.


This is what Feb looks like.  Let's kick on!


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Posted (edited)

All went well until the last game..


We've won 4 out of 5 games but I'm not happy enough with my tactic.  I'm trying to tweak the best I can, it will take time to figure it out. 

The West Ham game Joveljic got all 4 and he's only 3 behind Harry Kane now... late surge for the golden boot?  Huddersfield we managed to get the win through Wintzheimer scoring from a long ball, we weren't at our best.  Bayern we were class though!  Djerlek scored a beauty, Pulisic scored a good goal but then Djerlek got a 2nd from a header.  Bernardo then scored in the 2nd half to make it 3 away goals, should be out tie.  We were good against Manchester City with Bartos scoring a great freekick and Kenny scoring a belter.  Then I put a 2nd side on vs Ipswich and we were awful, we couldn't create anything and they scored after 7 minutes from a great counter attack.  We weren't good enough and I've still never beat Ipswich!  We gotta do better in the future, down to two competitions. 

We're top but Manchester United and Spurs still need to play.


Next month has a few more games, we should be taking 9 points from our first 3 games...


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Posted (edited)


So it's been pretty good.


New tactic has seem to work pretty well.  We played very well against Stoke, I can't complain about the draw at Newcastle, we were very good but they scored two class goals.  Southampton we were very good.  Bayern we got the result we needed to qualify.  Brentford though, all 4 goals in the game could get goal of the month, heck theirs could get goal of the season!  It was such a match of the day performance.  Then we bossed Arsenal, it's been a great month.  Vinicius Junior has been great all month and made a great parternship with Targett.

And Walters 30 yard curler got goal of the month :cool:


But I'm not sure how Vinicius didn't get Player of the Month!


So our draw... this will be a good game!


Bringing in players such as Vinicius Junior and Bernado Silva have huge benefits but also huge costs, I hope my finances don't go too bad at the end of the season but players will be going.  We are "bottlenecked" in a way due to our stadium being built in 2012 and we can't expand it past 20k.  I think it's 20 years for a new stadium?


So, April is the month that will decide it since the league is so tight between us and Manchester United.  1 draw could cost a title.  Heck, goal difference could cost us a title.



Oh youth intake!  One okay player, let's see if we can make something of him.


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Posted (edited)



Good month apart from the Liverpool game.  We've had a few injuries making it a very hard month.  We were amazing vs Madrid though, Ludwig is showing me why it might be worth moving Joveljic on if Real do make an offer.  The Liverpool game though, it was 1 - 1, I made all 3 subs to go more attacking and 1 of my strikers went off injured leaving me with 10 men, they dominated us after that and it's cost us any chance of getting the league table.  Was nice getting revenge on Tottenham since they annihilated us earlier in the season.

We've had a huge blow as well.


Still part of my plans if able to stay fit and he's out again, it's horrible to see Ortiz and Arias keep getting injuries.

This hasn't helped us either.


So we drew Barcelona.. we're unbeaten to them so far.


This is how May looks, I've already played the Barcelona game as in my head it was at the end of April, not the 1st of the month.  We managed to get a late equaliser, we're down on away goals but we can get the win at Nou Camp, especially with players being back.


I reckon we've had a good enough season but Manchester United are something else.  This is why they'll be champions.  They lost in the FA semi cup final to Everton and they lost away at PSG in the Champs League semis but in the league they're breaking records.  They've conceded 5 during this winning streak, and 3 were in 1 game.  They're absolutely amazing.  They have to draw both games, they have Watford and West Ham, we have Leicester and Aston Villa.  Who will win the league? My money would on Manchester United sadly.



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Posted (edited)

We threw it away

We could of gotten down to the last day but we weren't good enough.  I played some "backup" players due to the Barcelona game and it backfired because Manchester United actually drew.. but we lost.




All about the Champions League now.

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When Kenny was injured earlier in the season and Maffeo also out, I played Djevelekaj at RB.  Well, Kenny was playing horrendous, mistake, yellow card, we needed it to change.  Joveljic came and was absolutely fantastic, 94th minute pen to win, I just actually shouted.. I know it's a game but Rotherham are in the champions league final and WHAT A GAME!!!

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Champions League Final

First, injuries.  We have a half crocked Wintzheimer on the bench but Danny Ward is out so no backup goalkeeper.  Neymar is injured for PSG and that's huge for us.

Maybe I should have played some friendly to keep players fit since well, it's been a bit of a break!


So here's the line ups:


It's all down to to if we can keep Mbappe quiet.  Let's see huh?

First half

2nd minute: Joveljic hits a 30 yarder and just wide, there's a lot of bodies behind the ball for PSG.

3rd minute:  Corner is taken short and crossed in for Rotherham, but Rulli saves Djevelekajs headed effort.

4th minute: Mbappe burns it down the right and crosses in a good ball but Henderson is equal to Baileys shot.

7th minute: Ashby is fouled and Bartos lines it up, he hits it just over.

8th minute: We can't get a foot in, great passing about, Mbappe is played in and it's 1 - 0 to PSG.

13th minute: We take a short corner but play it out, it's passed back across, Holding picks it up but it hits the post!  So close!

15th minute: I'm not sure who shoots after a kind ball in the box but that's a heck of a strong hand from Henderson to keep it out!

18th minute: Ricardo Angelo lines up a free kick but it's well over.

24th minute: Targett throws the ball from the left side to Djerlek in the box, he runs in and no one closes him down, he hits it low to Joveljic who blasts it in! It's 1 - 1!

26th minute: A corner floats in from PSG, Skriniar heads it but it's easy for Henderson.

30th minute: Throw in from the left to Bartos, he plays it backwards to Djerlek who is again unmarked, he bursts into the area and absolutely rips the back of the net [/b]1 - 2[/b] Rotherham lead!

32nd minute: Exactly the same, Djerlek bursts in but it's the bar this time! Close!

36th minute: Kenny crosses and Joveljic heads just wide, I gasped, I thought it'd gone in!

37th minute: Cross in by Kenny, it's headed out and Rulli makes a good save to keep out Ashby!

38th minute: Short corner and Bartos crosses in, it's Ashby again on the edge, he hits the post and Djevelekaj is there to hit it in! 1 - 3 Rotherham are cruising!

40th minute: Ake throws a poor throw in, Djerlek steals it from Marquinhos, Joveljic takes and Rulli makes a great save to deny.

42nd minute: Kenny is putting in some good balls, another cross and Djerlek heads it onto the woodwork and Rulli takes hold.

45th minute: A throw in from the right, Hasic heads to Joveljic who shoots low past Rulli and it's 1 - 4 to Rotherham! At this rate it'll be the pre-season score again where we beat PSG 10 - 2!

Half time stats:


Onguene comes on for Holding, he's booked and I don't want to take a risk.

2nd Half

46th minute: Bailey sends in a low cross and Mbappe is there to finish making it 2 - 4.  Is the come back on?

47th minute: Mbappe surges into the box and goes for the chip but Henderson saves.  He's fired up here!

49th minute: We take a short corner and cross in but Vinicus Juniors effort is saved.

50th minute: Ricardo Angelo hits the freekick but Henderson saves.

53rd minute: Mbappe hits in the corner and we clear, Skirnar hits it and Henderson saves for another corner.

55th minute: Gelson Fernandes hits one but it's high and wide.

57th minute: Short corner and Ashby plays it to Bartos but his shot is wide.

58th minute: Sub - Fornals replaces Ceballos for PSG.

60th minute: Cross in from Kenny but Jovelhic heads wide.

61st minute: Good passing from Rotherham and we wait for the chance, Hasic hits it but it's just over.

72nd minute: PSG hit a ball in, we head it out and Ricardo Angelo hits one but Henderson saves easily.  Highlights have calmed down.

74th minute: Regen winger Jules Henry replaces Calvin Stengs for PSG

75th minute: Bartos hits in the freekick, not sure who gets the head to it but it's easily saved.

80th minute: Exequeil Palacios replaces Gelson Fernandes for PSG.  They have an 82mil player on the bench set as rotation, what the heck :lol:.

82nd minute: We counter but slow it down, Hasic hits a shot high and wide.

86th minute: Mbappe is explosive, takes it past two of our players like they're not there but Henderson saves.

87th minute: Mbappe bursts into the box and smashes it in 3 - 4 can PSG get another? Mbappe is amazing.  I'm going defensive.











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What a hard but amazing season.  We didn't win any awards this season from the Premiership, not one player made it into team of the season.  Our reputation has enhanced though, I wish I could build a new stadium!



Holding has been brilliant, it has to be said.  I think it's time for some of the players to move on that didn't make this 11.


We can be happy with this, try and get more trophies next year but a Champions League win is huge.  We seem to be Barcelona's bogey team, where Ipswich are mine :lol:.

Oh, I didn't realise Ludwig has done so well! He'd of got the golden boot is Mbappe wasn't so good in the final.




How the Prem finished:


Aim is to get the title back for sure.



Now for the transfer window, let's see what we can build...

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Bottle job?  :lol: 

Viniciuos Junior for £72m!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Maffeo is a good deal, considering he's home grown I think. 

That French kid Roland looks insane!!!!!

Don't know how you have the motivation to be six seasons in, I'm 3 seasons in at Barnsley and my motivation is wavering.


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Posted (edited)
13 hours ago, Jamesbfc1887 said:

Bottle job?  :lol: 

Viniciuos Junior for £72m!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Maffeo is a good deal, considering he's home grown I think. 

That French kid Roland looks insane!!!!!

Don't know how you have the motivation to be six seasons in, I'm 3 seasons in at Barnsley and my motivation is wavering.


Yep, bottle jobs.  We were in pole position for the league and we didn't manage to secure the title.  Fair enough Manchester United went on an insane run but three in a row would of been lovely.

I know that purchase is insane isn't it? I mean, Real should of never sold, the fact he came here, everything.  I try and start him in every game since he isn't being called up for Brazil for some reason.

Maffeo is home grown but still foreign due to not having English as a nationality.  He still looks good and will be playing for us this season.

I think I've just purchased a better 18 year old than Roland but well see.  I'll show a screenshot when I post my update.  I'd like to loan Roland out to be honest but no one seems interested?  Maybe he'd just declined.  There's not been as many transfers as I thought we'd make. 

It's weird, I'll not play for a few days then I'll have a day off and lose hours into it.  I think it's due to the regens I got in Bartos, Ortiz, Arias and Valdez(though he's far behind the others).  I enjoy making homegrown talent and Bartos is pure class.  Ortiz would of been just as good if not better if it wasn't for 2 horrible injuries.  Then I have Walter who will become homegrown who can become better than both.  I find things like that fun.

Oh, I wanna show you the kid I got in already :lol:.  18, either footed, can play AML/AMR if I need, I think he's great.


And for example this lad.  I've been tracking him since he was 17 and 'Boro would not sell, he's ended up listed for 30mil.  I've sold Bernado and I have a slot for him.  Another class Englishman in the side.


Edited by SpillBlood

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Posted (edited)


Woo, it's happened!  Seems after my Champions League win I'm finally a Rotherham Legend!  Spilly Stadium :cool:?


Not much has actually changed or post about, all I can share are transfers.


Screenshots of Hooks and van der Meulen are above.  Shaw replaces Sehovic, he just wasn't good enough.  Silva I had the chance to sell so I did.  Gomes and Kent weren't needed.  Dowidar goes back out on loan to first team football and hopeful value increase to sell.  Abubakar needs to play football and Roland goes out to play and as part of a deal to bring in a world class player.  Do I need the player? Nope, not at all.  But it stops City buying him and I'm going to play him in a different position then he plays.  He's very very good and I'm going to -try- make him a RB.  I don't need him to play AMR, I have Hasic and Hooks so.


Our squad is a bit "bloated" so to speak but we need players for all competitions.

Two players who have potential.


He was bought for 300k in January, he's increased alot and look at that pace!  Will be playing mostly U23 football though.


Played well pre-season, hoping he can keep improving.

Our wages have gone up a bit :lol:




The goal is to win everything


Pre-season went really well.  Let's see how we take that into August.

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We won the Super Cup for the 2nd time in our history ^_^.  We totally bossed Marseille.   

Chelsea game was frustrating, we scored some very nice goals but our defense did not play well.  Holding making two mistakes for Daishawn Redan to not just score his first Chelsea goal but also his first Chelsea hat-trick!  Brentford game was good for neutrals.  Hooks got his first Rotherham goal, Tripper scored a nice freekick just outside he area, 1 more yard it was a penalty.  Then Djerlek scored a hat-trick.  Aston Villa was just simple, Shaw getting his first Rotherham goal.  A mistake let Brewster score so no clean sheet.  Manchester United gave us our first team sheet and it took 'til the 80 odd minute for them to register a shot on target.  They did not look like that title winning team of last year. Our goal came from putting Otalora at RW-W-A, throw in to him, he hit across to an unmarked Vinicius, gotta love no offside from throw in.  Arsenal was the same, was an even game, Otalora went RW-W-A and we were even better, Hooks coming on to score a very nice goal.


Chelsea are playing Europa league qualifying games, why they have a lack of Prem games.



Our Champions League draw is very bloody difficult.  Look at this!


And our transfers weren't over.  I didn't feel the need for Kenny and Maffeo.  Benfica bid a lot of money for Kenny, silly money imo, ofc I was going to sell.


September will be interesting.


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Cracking month in the league.  Done wonders for GD, even if I did have to shout at the lads when we were 2 - 0 up at West Ham and no one seemed to care anymore, got us another 2 goals.  We're struggling in Europe though, Dortmund we couldn't get shots on target and I've played against Milan, we lost 3 - 2, we were the better side, more CCCs, hitting the woodwork twice, the difference in reality was goalkeepers.  Henderson isn't in the form he last season and Monaco is a must win, Rodak may take his spot.



Love playing Leeds and we have 'em in the cup.



Hopefully make the rest of the month green.  Monaco game is huge for us, they're top of the group.  We have 12 points left available, we need a win.

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Just how we wanted it.  We were great in the Premiership and the League Cup.  The new formation for this season works wonders in the league.  Fair enough at Goodison we weren't at the races with Everton taking the lead, I changed tactic to last years and we were brilliant.  Southampton and Fulham I kept the normal tactic and we were fantastic, especially with the clean sheets.  Southampton game was over in 25 minutes, I just wished we could of pushed on for more for GD.  Leeds I played a 2nd string and they were fantastic, It was nice to see Wintzheimer back, he got injured on international duty in the summer and has been out for a few months. 

The Monaco game was the big one.  I changed formation to last years, I mean we're current holders of the Champions League using that tactic and it made such a difference.  We only needed the one clear chance and it was put in by Joveljic.  We frustrated Monaco, not letting the runners get anything but a flag for offside, was great to watch from a managers point of view.


He wants the golden boot back, he's currently top of the charts.




Two out of three ain't bad.  I've won the award for both August and October.



We're doing brilliant in the league.  We still need to face the likes of City, Tottenham and Liverpool but it feels like it's our league to lose.  Manchester United aren't a scratch on last year, losing 4 - 1 to Arsenal and 5 - 1 to City!  It's odd though 'cus Pep is in charge there and led them through that brilliant winning streak.

November is a tough month.  Will be hard to see full green in that.  Monaco and Dortmund are must wins.  We're still in for a chance with 9 points up for grab and such a tight group.



Edited by SpillBlood

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What a great month!  Goals goals goals!


The Premiership games were great for the neutrals.  We walked over Stoke, West Brom frustrated us, we had more chances but their midfielder Nicky Round(a regen) scored an absolute rocket and we managed to get equalise from the penalty spot, they frustrated us. Tottenham game was brilliant.  They went 2 - 0 and we managed to to draw level in the 54th minute but Tottenham took the lead again 8 minutes after.  I changed formation, sticking 2 uptop including Eric van der Meulen as an advanced forward who scored 2 goals in 3 minutes to seal the win.  The last coming from a huge mistake from Rolando Mandragora who basically played a quality ball through for Eric to slot in.  Leicester was another great games for the neutrals, they went 1 - 0 up in the 1st minute, 2nd minute it was 1 - 1 and 3rd minute it was 2 - 1 to Leicester!  2nd half I changed players, changed formation and we battered them, was great to see.

The Champions League games were huge and in the first half vs Monaco we could not find the net.  A tactic tweak saw us score 3 in the second half and frustrate their team.  The Dortmund game was over after 30 mins when we went 3 - 0 up, they scored a consolation but it's looking good for us.  It isn't over, we play Milan next.  That game changes everything.  If Milan win and Monaco win, we're in Europa! 


This is how the table looks after the first lot of games in December.  December is a HUGE month, it has so many games, we need to keep our players fit as well.



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We won the Club World Championship in style.  Another trophy for the cabinet :cool:.  Great month overall.  A lot of green and it's my fault for the Liverpool game.  We were 1 - 0 down but pressing, I wanted to attack more, it left us open and they scored a 2nd.  Our goal was just a 90th minute consolation.  The Burnley game was frustrating but they didn't even get a shot on the net which was surprising as they'd just beat Manchester City prior.  City we were just the better side.  Chelsea was so frustrating, our defending was poor.  They were shooting rarely but it ended up going in, thank goodness we were playing much better and Vinicius Junior got himself a hatrick to give us the win.  Brentford I put my 2nd string on and we played well.

League table:



The A.C Milan game was a close affair.  We went into the break behind and a few changes both players and tactics we managed to get an equaliser before going ahead thanks to an own goal.  Silva pulled it back level in the 84th minute but Pablo Maffeo scored in the 92nd minute to win us the group.


And we face the team we beat in the Euro Super Cup.  Let's beat them again!


This also popped up and he's been my sub striker as Wintzheimer has had a very injury prone season.  Looks like I bought a good'un.


January I'll look to sell backups that aren't getting anywhere near my first team.  Seems one of them is already being looked at.

How the schedule for January looks, tough month for sure.


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Really enjoyed reading through. Nice save and great updates. It would be nice to see some more screenshots of your players, especially as some of them have developed so well from being brought in raw but with so much potential. That Brexit ruling worked out well. Also (although each to their own :)) I miss seeing the circular stat graph on the player screenshots.

What are you longer term aims? As you've done it all.

How is Shaw looking in 2025? WC I am sure... moving to Man Utd rivals - outrageous (Utd fan here).

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On 16/01/2019 at 12:39, numbas2 said:

Really enjoyed reading through. Nice save and great updates. It would be nice to see some more screenshots of your players, especially as some of them have developed so well from being brought in raw but with so much potential. That Brexit ruling worked out well. Also (although each to their own :)) I miss seeing the circular stat graph on the player screenshots.

What are you longer term aims? As you've done it all.

How is Shaw looking in 2025? WC I am sure... moving to Man Utd rivals - outrageous (Utd fan here).

Shaw was playing well for Manchester United as well, they just had him listed for some reason.  They did have Alex Grimaldo ahead of him who's been at Manchester United since 2019/2020 season so he's taken English up as his second nationality. 

He's been very solid for me and if it continues I'll have Shaw as my left back until he declines due to age.



The aim is just to become the biggest club in the world.  We're still not the biggest club in England, Manchester United are the only team above us.  I would like to have bigger stadium but due to the New York Stadium being built in 2012, that won't happen.  I have come attached to some of the players in my save, especially my regen CM partnership in Bartos and Ashby.  In fact, all 5 of my CMs, they make the save knowing what class I have.  Joveljic and Djerlek help.



This is the Manchester United team, the one that won the Premiership last season with Pep Guardiola in charge.  I wouldn't say they've made many changes but my world they're no way near as good this season, I have no idea why, he must of changed tactics.


Edited by SpillBlood

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What a month, we've been class.  The Tottenham game could of been better but I knew when we faced them at home that we'd have the edge, turns out it was the edge of 5 goals ^_^.  The Manchester United game was a close one!  We battered them, they're no way near the class of last season but they attacked us and got 2 goals in 2 minutes, the first from a penalty which spurred them on.  I had to play defensive and we saw the game out.  The Bournemouth game was made with their goalkeeper Joe Lumley taking the man of the match award with an 8.3!  He did save a penalty but he was just saving EVERYTHING, we managed to get have 36 shots and 13 on target to finally get a goal!  Arsenal are another team that aren't as good as they were.  They have some class players but they were so ineffective compared to previous matches.  The West Brom game had my 2nd line up on and were class, they scored a good goal, can't complain.  The West Ham match was amazing, Bartos got 4!  Sadly neither 1 of his efforts or Djerleks effort made goal of the month sadly.

So I've bought two players in. 



His first touch isn't the best but he looks very good for an 18 year old and he could be potentially my future #1.


Yep, another striker :lol:.  I wasn't going to bring him in due to his teamwork/vision/work rate until I saw this and I had to buy him.


I'll always remember being a kid and scoring a free kick from the half way line on Fifa 98: Road to the World Cup as Batistuta, one of my favourite strikers.  Had to bring him in!


Sad to see Arias and Valdez leave, both came in at 18 and are trained at the club but there not good enough anymore.  Arias had a bad injury that ruined him and Valdez never really progressed.  They were taking up a bit too much wage and I don't need them.  The only other player going out is Rodak, he rejected a permanent move so I'm sending him out on loan and selling him in the summer.  Seeger is already better. 

Crazy thing is, I've made money on my January transfers.  Manchester City look like they're trying to buy the title!



Joveljic could be on for his best season yet, already matching last seasons goals in 15 less games!



Eric van der Meulen is improving, I think he is going to be absolutely amazing.  I could already put him in my first team if Joveljic became injured and I'd fully trust him.


Injuries have done a number on Wintzheimer but I'd still like him to be here and play, might try re-train him out at AML, I'm not sure.  He can score, he's Germanys starting striker and I'd rather not sell him but in the summer, there's a small chance I will.  He's trained at club though and that's a huge plus.



Because I also still have Roland, he's just out on loan currently where he's doing well.



Then I still have Eddie Nketiah who plays AML/ST where Meulen and Roland can play.  I also have Ahmed Dowidar out on loan but I'll be selling him in the summer.  I think the idea of buying him was he wasn't very expensive and I'd be able to make money on him.


OH and I also have another English striker I took a punt on.  He cost 2.5mil but I don't think he'll make it above Championship level but he's been playing well at Wolves who are 1st in the Championship by 6 points.  Think I'll sell and make profit on him in the summer.


I tried to improve facilities, the board actually rejected training and youth facilities being upgraded!  Bit wrong of 'em!  I mean, I've money sat there for it, but we've got this instead.


So here's the league table:


It really is ours to lose!



Icardi is being played again by City, will he push for the golden boot?

This is how February looks, hoping to see a green month.


Edited by SpillBlood

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What a month, green galore!





The cup final was great for the neutrals and a game we should of won comfortably.  Being 4 - 1 up, with the O.G coming from a Dybala freekick, hitting the post and into the diving Henderson.  Mulder scored from a squared ball from Juan Harnandez after a quick counter and Rashford putting it in with my defense being asleep considering United had 9 men! It was a great game.  Barella was sent off for a nasty two footed lunge but Juan Hernandez shouldn't of been sent off.  I have no idea how he second yellow was even a foul.  Was a shame but hopefully it was already game over.  Then I got this in my post-match interview.


Shame, that amazing run they went on to win the league last season to looking like they'll manage to just reach a Europa spot.  I have no idea what he changed but it was a bad'un!

The Premiership games just went as planned, conceding 1 in 4 where we were already 3 up and our 4th against Aston Villa we only had 10 men due to Djevelekaj being sent off for a nasty challenge.  We were in control in every game.  Newcastle do what they always do to us, try to frustrate us but we got the goal and they didn't have any chances.  The FA Cup game vs Bristol City had a lot of rotation and though we only scored 1, we played well. 

The Champions League game was brilliant.  We were 2 - 0 up in 5 minutes.  3 away goals, that tie is over.  We always seem to beat the French teams.  Marseille, PSG, Monaco.  We're a bogey team and considering how good those teams are, it's good!

Now, I have a small problem.  Barcelona want him he's that good.  He's probably the best winger in the world and I've been playing him there at times... maybe training him as a RB was a bad idea? :lol:  I mean, he ran the show in the Carabao Cup Final at RW and Pablo Maffeo is a very good RB and they play well together.


So this is the table:


Still some game in hands for sides but the league should be ours.  I can see a lot of movement in the summer from the bigger clubs in Europa for better players due to players getting old/retiring, we'll see.

Joveljic still quite a head for the golden boot but with rotation etc we won't get top assists, Vlasic is on a role it seems.  We may get the golden glove again!


March could be another full house, let's see!


Edited by SpillBlood

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Very good month overall.  Just a shame we lost our winning streak away at Stoke.  We battered them, we just couldn't get a 2nd, Butland was on fire, I left the match feeling frustrated, I have no idea how we didn't win!  Adrien Silva scored a cracker for them from nothing but they had no chances, we had enough!  We got our revenge in the cup though ^_^.  The rest of the league games just went as well as I could ask for, the only other goal conceded was a penalty vs Fulham.  The Champions League game just carried on our form of beating French teams.

So we're against Barcelona in the quarters, a team we can beat but they're flying high in La Liga this year, top of the league by 8 points.  Their striker who always scores again me if some reason out on loan at Milan!



Poor youth intake but I'm still trying to get the facilities upgraded, they rejected it the last time I asked :(. 


Best player this year, can't say he'll make it.

I'm trying to improve a player from last years in take.  He scores goals for fun in the U18s.



Such a different tale from last season.  We're potentially going to set record points for the league.  We need 14 with 18 to play for to beat Manchester Citys 100.


Golden Boot and Golden Glove look like they're going to be with the Millers at the end of the season.  On that note, Manchester  United have won 4 league games and a Champions League game conceding 1 goal in the whole time with interim manager Neil Ryan.  I wonder if they'll keep him.


Tough month, especially at the end of the month.  Can we hit the record points?  Can we beat Barcelona?  The big plus against Wolves is their starting striker can't play against us 'cus he's on loan from us ^_^.  Let's see how it goes!

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We've won the league!!! We're still on course to hit record points!


Wolves game had reserve players on so we were fresh for the Barcelona game which we battered them, it was class.  They're not the team they've been in the past, some good players but some over hyped players for sure.  Leciester was a complete performance and where we won the league.  Barcelona away was frustrating, we turned up like we were already through and their striker Lincoln punished us for that.  Burnley we were only 1 - 0 up at half time and some players were struggling, made some subs and we battered them.  Manchester City we were by far the better team, we went in the break 3 - 0 up.  They scored in the 52nd minute to try get the game going but their 2nd came in the 88th minute, it was already game over.  Roma was amazing, we played them off the park and have pretty much booked our spot in the final.  We hit a blow though, Vinicius Junior picked up an injury and I think he's going to be out for every game left now, that's a blow.  Not sure what date the Champions League final is.





Our youth teams are improving which is very nice to see.



The best of the bunch, not bad for a 350k punt.  Has played some fit team games as well.  His star rating is higher then it should be because of form, but for his age he's still very good.



Getting to the semi-final is still a great ft for the youngsters.


and the club decided to finally listen to me to get better facilities!  I had to basically say "after all I've done for the club, this is what you could do for me".  Seemed a bit silly, we have the money, we're winning titles, we should be pushing the facilities!



This is where stadium capacity vs wages comes in.  Why I'll be selling some backup players in the summer.


Onto the biggest month of them all, May.  We could win two more titles here and set record points!


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The FA Cup will  be known as the Bartos final, he assisted 4 and scored 2!  He was immense.  It was crazy to think the team that beat me so I didn't have an unbeaten season played this way in a cup final.  We were brilliant.  I was absolutely stoked.

The Champions League final will be known as the van der Meulen final.  In 24 minutes he'd already got a brace from the AML spot as Vinicius was still injured, Joveljic got a straight red in the 32nd minute where in truth we should be off 4 - 0 up.  United picked up a goal from a good header from a corner but I made a sub bringing on youth Pereira on for Djerlek, putting van der Meulen upfront and Pereira outwide which got us a 3rd.  Pereira won the ball and we broke on the counter, he plays it to Eric for his hat-trick.  Rashford pulled one back for Manchester United in the 67th minute but we held on for our 2nd Champions League in a row.

We've had make some chances over this month with players being injured.



This save, we're breaking records.


So we'll now be sat on 40 goals.






But we beat both of these.










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What a season.  We've won everything.  The save will continue.  I want that unbeaten season.  I want to get higher in the hall of fame. 


For once this has it right, that is my first team.  I think my summer will get rid of some overpaid, overpriced backups and maybe bring in some youngsters.  We have some players that are hitting the age of 19/20 that need first team football and they're good enough.  It's difficult because we have some cracking players, world class players.  Some world class players willing to join us that are English players from abroad (Joe Gomez) but my CBs play so well together and it'd cost another £150k P/W for 1 player that I'm not sure I need. 

I'm currently changing the back room slightly so it's better but less staff. 


Finances is a thing I need a keep on a eye on.  We still need to sell to bring in proper money, which is what we're good at to be fair.



I want to bring the wages down a little.  I do have some players for that.  Problem is some players want new contracts and they deserve it.  It's something I need look at overall.

I wasn't expecting this as my #1 seller, he's a cracking player though.


I'll post a big update on what my players look like after the transfer window.



Glad to see this.  Our U18s did a double.  Winning the league and the FA youth cup, I did take a picture of it but I've taken that many I can't select it :lol:.    I want us to be the best club in the world.  That we can use homegrown talent, get players in the England squad etc.  See what our future holds, onto the summer!

This our cabinet now :cool:


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Our friendly matches went great but such a shame against City, Bartos went off injured and he's going to miss 6 weeks, we came from 2 - 0 to 2 - 2, we had chances to win but we didn't put it away and City won on pens.  Such a shame, a trophy we've missed out on, even though it doesn't really mean anything.


Some clubs spent, we didn't.


I brought in some youngsters which will be playing in the U23 squad and sold some deadwood.  Let Bonavento go out on loan for first team experience and our regen Cooper to get first team experience.  So... who are they?


My scouts rated him highly, his aerial reach is a bit low but good reflexes/handling.


Defo worth a punt at 600k.  If not I'll make money on him.


Think he's the best of the bunch.  Jumping Reach is great, good chance of being my backup RB in the future.  Already got an international cap!


Cost us bugger all, so he's worth a punt.

My wages have dropped slightly and my finances look great.



They'd look better if we could get a new stadium!


So onto August and the start of the prem.  We could see a green month.


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