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[Italy] Data Issues

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Small question about AS Roma. Why is their new stadium not in the game, or did I miss something? :) I believe the build of the stadium is pretty official, there is even an official site of the stadium. 



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I wonder where do you get your information about wages, because Juventus wages are waaaaaaaaaay off. Simple googling shows that CR7 doesn't earn almost 60 mil per annum, but about 30 mil. IRL he is the only one to earn more than 10 mil, but in game its 4 players and 5th almost past the 10 mil mark. I follow Juve since 1996 and read a lot about them and its not just my whim. 

I do not know how credible is the following site, but those figures are much closer to those that I keep reading about:


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I'm not sure if this is the best place to bring this up, but Italian staff appears to be grossly overrated in-game, Juventus staff in particular.

I don't know most of the people in real life, but their attributes seem highly implausible when compared to the staff from other top leagues and teams.

The situation with Juventus is simply grotesque. The team is not particularly known for unearthing hidden gems yet most of the scouting team is 17+ in both JPA/JPP. Meanwhile, their HOYD is god among men, all while having a single academy graduate in the first team, and that on the outskirts. Now, compare that guy with the HOYD of teams known for developing youth, such Dortmund, Ajax, Barcelona or Benfica and tell me what has he done to justify those ratings.

Same situation with their coaches, take a look at Juventus coaches and compare them with those of other teams like Barcelona, Bayern or City. Have Juventus players in recent years seen that much faster progress than players at these teams? Have Juventus players been that much quicker to reach their potential? Relative to other top teams, I'd say hardly so.

I honestly hope SI makes a pass with a critical eye over these research discrepancies between nations, they also exist for players to an extent, but for staff they're simply farcical.

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