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Sorry I didn't know where to ask this? So started a topic/debate on Holidays instead.

So for the last few FM's Holidaying can has been the same old crap. I'm playing the Full Fat game and every so often between games and International breaks I take a Holiday for a few days and go browse the web while the game is processing or just skipping to the day before the next game. Simple enough, although you ran the risk of being offered a new contract without wanting it, leading to an instant committal which must be Illegal. I never signed the damn thing! Why did no one ring me? or a player throwing his toys out the pram over lack of playing time, his contract (greedy buggers, You signed a new 4 year deal six months ago! Sack your Agent, he never called me etc...

This was all started a few FM's ago when players wanted more realism and wanted Holidays not to awaken when these things popped up. So Holidays became real in the game and the press might report that the manager wasn't available due to being in the Canaries topping up his tan. No Reception!

Then there's the problem of being unemployed and you'd like to apply for a few select Jobs instead of applying for jobs on every country/club on Earth. I won a major League in my last job and then when your employed but results aren't going great and your phoning it in looking for somewhere close to home but lost it by travelling a 1000 miles to visit my sick mother every week, so China's not an option! Mr.Chairman. 

So if the buzz word this year is Revamp how about revamping Holidays? So we can Holiday in game and not run into the problems above or at least give us some options so those who want to play every single day without missing anything can and for those among us who don't!

So does anyone agree/disagree and what options would work instead of Holiday, for instance a virtual FM Phone, game rings or msgs when items come up or what would work?





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To be honest I really hope they've made this more realistic too. I play online a lot and a lot of the time I'm holidaying / not in the game while others are playing for various reasons. You holiday past an international break and a player has totally thrown his toys out the pram because you ignored his invitation to talk. That's so silly. The talk should at the very least be referred to either an influential member of the team or the assistant manager. If it goes bad after that then fair enough. Also if the holiday is short maybe put in new functionality so the talk is deferred till the manager comes back? I'm not sure of the best way to do it but it 100% needs to be fixed.

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