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[Suggestion] Competition past winners

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It's simple. It's also entirely cosmetic. But it'd be nice to have for various reasons.

It would feel so much better for the league or cup history tab to have a simple bracket next to the team, so as we know how many the team won and what # that win was. So for example I don't need to check on Arsenal's club history tab to find out they have 13 PL wins and that their 10th trophy was in 1991. All we can see so far is just one of the teams that has the most wins, because in some cases there's more than one and we still only get to see just one of them, while I still have not figured out what decides which name will be displayed.  I just think it'd be much cooler to know that if I control Athletic Bilbao I'm just 2 league wins from being the joint #3 force in Spain by equaling Atletico Madrid's 10 league record and so on. 


I'm guessing a lot of us, when making journeyman saves, look into these things. If I get an offer from a team in Denmark or Slovakia where most people don't really know the clubs or their background and want to make them the premier force of those leagues or more fittingly, resurrect them and revive their x decade glory era. This minor feature I feel will add to the game for these kind of players. It also gives a different understanding to some rivalries with a simple glance. For example, managing Inter or Milan and the race for the first 10 championships vs the second 10 championships (both have 18 at the moment, Inter got to 10 in 1966, Milan got to 10 thirteen years later in 1979). 

I also cannot see how this minor feature may annoy the people who feel that it doesn't add anything. 

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