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TOP5 17-23 players you have used that are worth buying

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Kasper Dolberg - Ajax

Matthijs de Ligt - Ajax

Donny van de Beek - Ajax

Victor Lindelof - Manchester United

Marcus Rashford - Manchester United

Slight bias towards my most recent save (Ajax) and the thread I've most recently commented on (United) but all those five become world class, and all are really good at the start, just need a little tutoring (except Dolberg). `i could also list a bunch of guys from Lyon or Real Sociedad though. 

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For me I’m bit biased with my first three players as I’m a Liverpool fan

Joe Gomez-Liverpool 

Ben Woodburn-Liverpool

Trent Alexandre-Arnold-Liverpool

amazing players to have in your team all three potential future stars 


I added these two players to my Liverpool squad and They just controlled matches could not as for two players that can control the match 

Thiago Maia-Santos

Marcro Asensio-Real Madrid



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De Ligt - Ajax - Will become one of the best defenders on the planet if he is given the game time.

Marcus Rashford - Man U - Plays brilliantly on either flank, scores a lot but also creates a lot of chances.

Phil Foden - Man City - What a player. Get him early and play him regularly, you will not be disappointed.

Callum Gribben - Man U - Similar to Foden above.

Angel Gomes - Man U - Becomes an excellent winger.

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I don't know exactly, I've not used him much, just heard rave reviews. But he was good enough for a title-winning Lyon team (as a squad rotation option) on both Fm16 and Fm18 for me, so I'd guess he'll be good on Fm17 too.

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I’ll check him out thank you for your info.. I’m looking for players that I’ve never used and I don’t wanna use the obvious highly rated players that get brought up constantly and I wanna use a team that can develop young players but also make that leap into title contenders and future Europa or champion league contenders 

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Few Outsiders not mentioned..

1. Paulinho from Vasco De Gama, Scores lots and is versatile

2. Trincao from Braga,  With Training can become the best IF in the World

3. Svendsen from Malmo(I think), Ready from the start to be a squad player anywhere

4. Coman (Steaua), Just like #1

5. Melegoni (Atalanta) Love a Deep Lying Playmaker, he's your boy for the next 15 years

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On 16/10/2018 at 20:30, mcgaffer said:

4. Coman (Steaua), Just like #1

Been a favourite of mine for couple of years(buy him loan him back 12-18months) becomes top player

Kun Temenuzkhov my HOYD bought him in developing really well ingame loaned to Dundee Utd and 32games 19goals 1st season, 2nd season Celtic now loaning him 15games 18goals may recall him in Jan

Henry Onyekuru develops really well with a bit of love

Excuse the bias, but Kieren Dowell can develop really well though think his PA is 0 so can go either way

5 Loads of spanish kids with high PAs and deleted 18 this morning so can't rember any off top of my head


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