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[FM18] Solid color in sidebar and in titlebar

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Hello everyone.


Can somebody please help a bother here:

I want to put the titlebar and the sidebar in a solid color, without that fadded efect..

i've allready search and try everything in this forum but not managed to make it work.:idiot:


I'm using the light base skin.

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You have a couple of options to remove the fade you can either edit the client object browser xml file found in the panels/client_object folder in that file locate this section of code and delete it:

  <!-- team graident at top of screen -->
  <widget class="picture" file="boxes/custom/background fade/paper" height="70" >
          <!-- set the colour of the image to the team background colour
      <record id="object_property">
        <integer id="get_property" value="tbcl"/>
        <integer id="set_property" value="colr"/>

Your other option is to change the graphic used, you'll need to browse to the following location for your skin: graphics\boxes\custom\background fade and create a new png graphic called paper - you should be able to just create a 1x1 pixel file and make it transparent, if that doesn't work make a 70 pixel height (width doesn't matter) graphic in solid red.

Removing the fade from the titlebar will also remove it from the sidebar but if you want the sidebar to be a solid colour easiest thing to do is just replace the graphic this time browse to the graphics\boxes\custom\interface\sidebar folder and inside that create a png graphic called paper make it 100x50 pixels and give it a solid red colour.

If the above folders don't exist then just create them inside the folders for your skin, and if the xml file doesn't exist you'll need to extract it from the default game files - it will be located inside the skins fmf file and then found in the same location inside the extracted skins/fm folder. If you don't know how to extract files read the first section of this guide:


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