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add a "willingness to release player" column

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there have been complaints on the forum about player and team unhappiness after a refusal of a transfer, mostly about having to release players or having many players unhappy with the manager. i, on the other hand, am on the opposite view, and i believe it is too easy to keep your players ,both happy and at the club. i think adding a "willingness to release players" column at the information page (near "domestic players bias" and "loyalty to players") will give the players more teeth, or making it possible for them to have "the same level of teeth" while shifting some of the damage they cause from the squad harmony aspect to the transfer and signings front. fighting with players over your willingness to allow them to leave when they notify you of their interests to leave will build you a notorious reputation as a manager who "locks up" players. players will be less likely to renew contracts if they feel they might want to leave in, say, two years. players from other clubs will be more reluctant to sign for your team (their agent might mention their refusal reason as "he fears he will not be able to advance in his career should a he get a tempting offer") or will insist on very low release clauses. a player might complain to the media about his will to leave, which will make your attempts to sign players at the same time much more difficult, at least until the story settles down. if the player manages to get other managers, and players who play, or have played, for you, to criticize you, your situation will become even worse.

at the end, keeping unhappy players because you are waiting for a better offer or because you want to keep good players means taking a risk that they will leave for free and that you'll have trouble replacing them. 

implanting this feature will allow, even though i think it is unnecessary, reducing team reaction and support of a player wanting to leave while making sure they do not apply less pressure at you. 

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