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Okay so firstly, this FM save of mine is simple, its a touch one because I always do a touch save to try and figure out how to play before I maybe try it on the usual FM full. However with this tactic I'm completely lost, like it doesn't make sense to me, and it most probably won't make sense to you guys. Some background information on the save, in my 4th season and I started at city, but I always like starting at big clubs achieving the league there and moving on, therefore I decided to move to Dortmund cause in my opinion Dortmund are a little less big that Manchester City this year in Football Manger. I played a really nice way, I focused on making sure that I got the ball to the final third like Pep Guardiola did at Barcelona, then allow that team to do the attacking themselves and I'd say I did this well, this is what I won in the two seasons at city: 


Not ground breaking, although I did nearly go my second season undefeated however the only problem was too many draws and final lose to Everton at home (a crushing way to lose it) and then I decided maybe my time is up here, so decided to move to Dortmund, because I love them as a club, they're a great club and I wanted to be the first since Klopp to over thrown Bayern from the First Division League, unfortunately for me, the best I've managed for this Dortmund side is: 

German Cup Semi Final vs Hamburg (At home - should be easy win) - but lost on penalties (1-1) 

German Cup Final vs RBL (0-1) 

Both times Bayern were knocked out and I should have won both

Terrible league finishes, 4th (Champions League spot - not tooo bad, but could be better) 

and 6th  and currently 6th in my third year.

Over my time is Germany, I've had some really good wins: 


However as you saw, we managed to get wins away to RBL, Schalke and Bayern (The most needed win) but then dropped stupid points to Nurnberg, Braunschweig and Hoffenheim - now I don't expect to win every game (These were all away by the way) but quite frankly if we're beating Bayern away and RBL (The league winners 2nd year in) then quite frankly I expect us to beat these teams if we are going to win the league here in Germany.

I find that in FM I can easily build a solid home tactic and that anyone that comes to me, I can beat, as shown from last season here: 

Home Results: 


Away Results: 


Did better than Bayern at home and the only side in the league to stay undefeated (What a fortress right?) going away however is a real big problems and this is something I need help with most definitely in fm, so if anyone has any answers or can direct me to another forum that gives good tips to set up a team for away games that would be helpful, but anywhere lets carry on.

No progression has been made and I do this a lot with clubs, I seem to never be able to squad build proficiently and I personally believe its because I don't know my club DNA wherever I go, I never know it. Never know who to sign and what players I need to improve the squad to develop progression.

These are all my signings over the past 3 years with Dortmund: 

1st season: 


2nd season: 


3rd season: 

Jorginho (Napoli Defensive playmaker) 23M

I have money to play with by the way 191Million.

Okay so now I've gave you an insight of my career, I'd like to show you the tactics we are trying to utilize our best players with: 


Now I know what you're thinking what the hell is that, but you need to remember I like to try and control my team from the defensive third to the middle third and then the final third, at that point, it is there choice and there creativity that will indicate the game, now they seem to be doing this at home and very easily although away, its physically impossible.

All of the images below are of my game against Napoli in the Champions League (AWAY) - The key struggle area.

Defensively this is how we set up: 


Now I understand, that we should be compact and number 14 could either come back into the space to make a back 5, but I don't have the roles on to do that, however we're defending in a fairly deep 4-4-2, pressing a fair bit and the gaps between 14 and 16 in midfield is far too big as well as the center half number 4 and my fullback defending their number 14. Need help with this.


So, how do I set up in the defensive third trying to build up possession? 

Lets take a look: 


Here you can see, we're playing a 2 at the back when in possession and two in the middle, my left back cuts inside as inverted wing back on defend and 33 in midfield is there because he is my deep lying playmaker and I want him to stay back, so when we go forward we can have a lot of the possession and then it allows them to do their own thing, however, if we look at this, we're playing a square in the midfield at the back and therefore we should be able to stop counter attacks quite easily but they can still be apart of the build up play.

number 16 is in the middle of the park and yarmolenko cuts inside and then the fullback goes out wide as pushes all the way up, the two strikers ready to make good runs and 14 winger out wide.

That is the end of my tactics help needed sort of thing, if anyone has any questions let me know, but I really need help with transfers and maybe some tactical faults, probably a lot, I'm still trying my best to learn with fm, so please no hate, criticism allowed but fair comments gents! 

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9 hours ago, Nani_Is_Messi_On_A_Good_Day said:

Just realized I've posted this in the wrong section, can a mod move this to the tactics section? 

You have a duplicate thread in the Tactics section, so closing this one.  :thup:

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