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[Suggestion to make my next first FM saves hell] Southamerican managers to be more heavily subjected to Director of Football/Chairman

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Disclaimer: this whole post and suggestions are just for the sake of realism in a continent in which transfers are quite different from those seen in Europe.

In South America most of newly signed managers get one or two signings promised to be decided by them (depends on the club and its reputation) but most of the incoming players are negotiated by the board and, at best, are requested to have the approval of the manager (I'm writing this from the perspective of a Uruguayan player, so I'd like my fellow Argentinian, Brazilian, Chilean, Colombian and Peruvian football managers to give their insight in this topic).

So I was wondering if we can have a more restricted transfer policy for these Southamerican leagues, in which you can bring just a couple of players in yourself during your first year(s) -it could be negotiated in the contract offer maybe-, with most of the signings in your club being adamantly carried out by the Director of Football/Chairman (as in real life, a manager maybe says he needs a CB and the Director of Football brings two or three candidates, of which the manager decides which one he prefers for example). This could evolve over time and as the manager stays in the club/gets a better rep within the club he can have a more direct impact on the incoming transfers.

As a side note, the outgoing transfers should follow the same strict policy. I have so far, for example, been able to reject 2+ million euros offers for players of Montevideo Wanderers (which is nonsense, in real life we sold Torreira when he was 17 for bus fare with hopes that he would at some point become the player that he is nowadays, and then we'd grab some of that solidarity money in one of his future transfers).

I'm not really sure how reallistically doable this can be though, maybe I'm asking for a too finely tuned feature in this case.

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