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When do your youngsters become reliable to be regularly played in the first team.

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I'm managing Feyenoord in Dutch first tear, and I had great success with 18-21 young players in my first 4 seasons. I bought a 18 year Portuguese old striker that became a wonderkid during the spell at my team, and took just about 6 games to start fire out of all weapons. Barcelona snatched him for release clause of 22.5 mil after just one season, and I was left with one 25 year old striker that is just not performing like he used to and two 19 year old strikers.

Now these 2 guys have attributes, good off the ball, great composure (especially for young players), great physicals 16+ finishing etc. but just act like nervous kids on the pitch, loosing balls, missing sitters, hitting balls into goalkeeper 3 times in the row from 5 yards out... They both had over 10 games each as starters and more as subs in the fist 20ish games of the season but they keep getting 6.3 to 6.9 marks and overall have not enough impact in the games. They are sitting with 1 goal and 1 assist each.

I wanted to relay on them because I couldn't get any better players with my wage budget and reputation, coaches give them 3 stars with 4-5 star and 3,5-4.5 potential.

Squad atmosphere is good we are challenging for the title thanks to very good players in other positions that actually score and help us edge out games.

I was wondering when will I be able to relay on the new youngsters. I'm confused now because previously my young full backs, defenders, and midfielders, wingers and mentioned wonderkid striker used to perform good, somewhat inconsistent but better than those 2 new strikers, and were able to win their first team spot within first season.

Will I need to buy someone even tho he has lesser attributes just for experience and consistency and send those guys on loan?

I play a lone striker system, a 4-1-2-2-1 wide with one winger one IF and AF.

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