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Football Manager crashing/closing/crash dump

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So basically this problem first started a couple week ago during one of my saves. I would be able to load the save and play everything fine but when the game saved it just go to a black screen and close. The saving would be successful and I would be able to carry on again until I next saved. Only once did I get any error message during the crashing, in which I got a crash dump. 

I left it for a few days and now I wished to start a new game. Once I have configured my starting conditions and the game begins to process, it crashes the same way as described above; before the game is loaded. I have tried:

  • Deleting preferences folder
  • Deleting cache
  • Verifying cache after deleting the above
  • Updated to latest GPU drivers
  • Uninstalling anti-virus and running; in this case the new game loaded but crashed the same way almost instantly after

I've attached my DxDiag for reference.

I do have custom graphics but they've worked flawlessly until this problem appeared. Can I simply cut and paste these elsewhere (rather than delete them) from the documents folder in order to see if these are the issue?

Any help would be appreciated.



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What graphics quality are you running the game in via the in-game preferences? If this is 'High' or 'Very High', if you lower it say to 'Medium' do you encounter the same issue?

Let us know, thanks. 

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