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1. I hope that the renewal of the future version will not end without a single talk. I can consider getting a follow-up stage. Entering the follow-up stage will affect the morale of the player team and the board will pay attention to it... and hope that the agent’s affection can be reflected to the player. Signing a transfer....Family brokers will recommend you players, maybe it will be more interesting.

2. The physiotherapist in the medical center can help the player to reduce fatigue or reduce the probability of injury. I hope the corresponding instructions can be clear, such as how many days should be rested or how much the training intensity is adjusted.

3.3. Since fm is a game that simulates the real world of football, I hope to add more random events. For example, if a fan enters the stadium during the game, the game will affect the player's status. Because of the weather, the player will have different buffs, such as the weather is too hot. The physical strength is even worse. It needs to be replenished. On rainy days, the player's line of sight will be affected. The goalkeeper will be more likely to get rid of the hand. After the big score, the fans will throw the bottle at the stadium. After the team wins, the social network has more comments. I feel that this will be quite interesting

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