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After the discovery of the fantastic @Uncle_Sam 's Pro/Rel custom database I have been inspired to start a new game in North America.

I think there's loads of potential for North America to become a world soccer superpower, and I think a lot of people want promotion and relegation to create a more competitive league pyramid. It would certainly make things much more interesting and I for one would be much more interested in the MLS etc.

So - I've loaded the American, Canadian and Mexican leagues, and started unemployed with no badges or experience. I will accept the first job i'm offered - let's hope i get offered one..!

The aim - work my way up through the divisions and try to see as much of this great part of the world as I can.

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So after a bit of time i finally get offered a role...



Not short of a few bob! and the infrastructure looks spot on. That ground is better than a lot of pro clubs! Check out this video about their real life aspirations, it looks like they've got some big plans!


OK the squad is tiny, but I think i've got enough budget to invest in some decent talent and shape them into a decent force. Reckon i've fell on my feet here.



I'll update once I've got my feet under the table and had a chance to get to grips with the place (and the climate!).
34 days until the first competitive match, I'd better get cracking...

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