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Unresponsive Desktop on Launch FM17 & Other Version

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I'm experiencing a very strange bug with multiple versions of FM.

I wasn't sure which section to put in as this bug is with every Football Manager from 11-17.

When I launch any of the games via steam the game starts launching and shows in task mgr and on the taskbar, however nothing happens and all of my desktop becomes unresponsive, I can't click to close any windows.  The only things I can do is CTRL, ALT DEL to bring up Task Manager but even this is unclickable, the only thing I can do is restart the PC from CTRL, ALT , DEL menu. 

I have tried a lot of things to rectify this, see below.

  • Tried launching under compatibility mode for Windows 7 and Run as Admin
  • Reinstalled via steam
  • Launching in small windowed mode via Startup options on steam
  • Verifying game cache via steam
  • Rolling back video card drivers, as well as reinstalling most recent video card drivers
  • Making sure Direct X & C++ are all up to date
  • Tried installing via non steam methods
  • Used system recovery to delete all programs etc...
  • Turned off all Anti Virus, Anti Malware & Firewall programs

I have played nearly all of the games before on the PC in question in the past, in fact I only played FM12 around 2-3 weeks ago. 

I am mystified about this but what is strangest is that FM2018 works without a problem.

Please help!

System Specs

8gb RAM

Nvidia Geforce 960 GFX Card

Intel I5 4440 CPU

Windows 10(Fully Updated)




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This sounds as if the antivirus is blocking the game from running. especially if you also have an anti-malware app as well.  As well as trying it with both these apps off, I suggest trying with them both temporarily uninstalled ( clear the cache and preferences after uninstalling)

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I've been using the same Anti Virus software for a long time and never had any problems. But anyway when I did a full system recovery there was no Anti Virus software installed(besides Windows Defender which I added an exception for steam and FM). I have a small update, I've got FM17 working, I entered -no_exclusive_fullscreen onto the startup options on steam. I tried the same fix for the other versions with no success 

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Also, not sure if this helps at all. But I just tried to restart my PC in safe mode with networking and video turned on and FM12 works, doubt any of the 3d aspects will work but it works. Now what does that mean? 

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I never had any Anti Malware installed. I only said I had turned off all possible Virus, Malware etc software as I've seen it as a common suggestion and knew you would ask about it. 

However it should be noted that I've just said that I fixed FM12 in safe mode,  since then FM12 now works in normal mode. I did the same thing for FM14, loaded PC in safe mode and it launched without problem and again FM14 now works when my PC is in normal mode.

I still have no idea what was causing my system to become unresponsive but it appears I have a work around.

Thanks for your help you've been really helpful

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