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As all fm18 players know, work permits are the bane of everyone's existence,

I, understand how they work, but continue to find flaws in the game relating to them,

for one:

1) Every time someone fails to get a work permit, a try to send them out on loan, but when explain my decision to the player himself, there is no way to communicate this with them, so instead they build a dislike to me as I loaned them as soon as I got them.

2) Similar to the first, these players refuse to move on loan, after joining, as they dont see a reason to go on loan, as they are 'as skilled' as the rest of my team, so they reject any loan bid.


If anyone has any way around this it would be much appreciated, or if fm could fix it so the in game players understand the rule, and instead of not understanding the reason for there loan, it would help alot!

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They haven't been able to cover all situations in the player interactions module and it is frustrating no doubt. It will not be fixed for this FM and most likely not for the next one neither.

I suppose a possible work-around could be to change the date the player transfers to your club to a later time. He would then stay with his current club and effectively be loaned out. Alternatively you could do an immediate loan-back, while negotiating the transfer.

It doesn't really solve to problem and that's why I'm glad I don't manage in a league with work permits.

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