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FM 2017 Game crashed and won't load.

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So far I've finished the first season and the game crashed.
I could move my mouse pointer and it was acting as if I could click the continue botton but nothing would change.
(There were no pop-ups when it crashed.)

Therefore I had to exit out by using the task manager but then I couldn't load my game.
It doesn't show any pop-up messages like 'the game file is corrupt.' It just won't load further from certain point.

I've tried everything including deleting/reinstalling cache, checking/reinstalling newest Net Frameworks and Graphics driver.
I had few add-ons so I've tried without them too. However nothing changed.

I don't see any crash dump folder so I assume it's nothing about crash dump issues.
This is like the third time it's happening and the game is almost unplayable at this point.
(Three first seasons with the same team is not fun at all.)

Is there anyone having the same issue??


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If the game crashed while playing or saving, that save will have been corrupted.  You will need to back to the last backup and start from there.  If you haven't already, always use the rolling 3 game autosave function and set it to weekly and you will always have a couple of recent saves to go back and will only lose a weeks game time if there is another issue.

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if your save games are not loading it will probably be because they have become corrupt during saving. Would you be able to attach your dxdiag for us to take a look at so we can see what maybe caused your original crash.


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