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***FMS Awards 2018 Preliminary Round Voting***

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Right gentlemen as stated in the community thread I have had to start the preliminary round voting alittle earlier than I wanted . The deadline for this round of voting will be midnight (BST) August 26th 2018

You will need to send your votes using the form in the last post to the following email awardsfms@gmail.com and claim your vote here. Any votes not claimed here will not be counted.

The main thing in this round is that all authors that have stories must vote if they want their stories to progress.

The more votes the merrier.

The top three stories will progress through to the main voting round unless we have a more than three stories with the same vote count, then all will progress (If you catch my drift)

You will be able to vote for up to two stories in this round (In the main round it will be one vote per category, apart from the Hall of Fame)

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Story of the Year

An Impossible Man (CFuller)

Sometimes Love Is Not Enough: The Triumph and Tragedy of Gary O'Hara (CFuller)

Bygmester Fuller (CFuller)

Heart of Asia: Going Back to the 2002 World Cup (CFuller)

The Journeyman Chronicles (chesterfan2)

[FM18] You'll like this … not Olot, but you'll like it (Diego Imposta)

[FM18] Here comes Santa's boss, here comes Santa's boss (Diego Imposta)

[FM18] Name a pitch badder than Badalona (Diego Imposta)

A New Plumber (displaced_seagull)

So cheer us on through the sun and rain, 'cause Chelsea, Chelsea is our name (Drogba11CFC)

Back in Britain – Part III of the Owain Williams saga (EvilDave)

A Fool's Errand, or Hope on the Humber (EvilDave)

Idiots Abroad, or How Not to Run a Football League (EvilDave)

Another Final (EvilDave)

Minnows No More (EvilDave)

Franjo:A Journeyman Story (Franjo)

[FM 2007] Back to 2006, as a poor man's Andre Villas-Boa (git2thachoppa)

From Rags To Riches – The Story of Percy McPercival (JoeyBaldwin)

The Premier League Reimagined: It's a Whole New Ball Game (King Jeff)

The Making of a Legend: The Mark Wilson Chronicles (Part One: A Saintly Beginning) (mark wilson27)

The Making of a Legend: The Mark Wilson Chronicles (Part Two:  Cutting My Teeth With A Rusty Blade) (mark wilson27)

Eight to One – A Trip into the unknown (mark wilson27)

Mancata qualificazione non e un'opzione (mark wilson27)

14-1 A Trip to Asia (mark wilson27)

Stuff Reputation it's all about FORM (mark wilson27)

(FM'09) A Chance To Rewrite History (neilhoskins77)

(FM'09) A 'United' Front – A Chance To Rewrite History Part II (neilhoskins77)

(FM'17) Kracking Kyrgyzstan – An Impossible International Dream. The Reboot. (neilhoskins77)

“We are no Ferdinand” (Rien102)

It's Our year! Again...... (salkster2102)

An Egyptian in Argentina:A story of fate and luck (SegundoVolante1)

[FM17] Out Of His League (tenthreeleader)

[FM15] Kyle Cain's Flying Circus (tenthreeleader)


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Short Story of the Year:


Best International Story of the Year:

English Story of the Year:

Rest of the World Story of the Year:

Story of the Year:


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I voted.

To be honest I didn't realise this thread was here so didn't do it with any template.

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