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Save Game and Profile not found

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I bought the game yesterday. I played for an hour, created a manager then starting a career. I saved the game as a cloud save. The game auto saved a couple of times and I saved before I quit. The game said it had saved so I closed it down exiting to desktop. I've loaded the game again today and all my save data is "gone". Its asking me to create a manager again and the Continue option is greyed out. There is a file in C:\Users\MYUSER\AppData\Local\Sports Interactive\Football Manager Touch 2018\cloud\games with the correct name and save date but its not showing up in the game. If I copy that file to the desktop and try to load it as a local save it doesnt work either with the file just not appearing in the file list.

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When you load a save game, the folder needs to point to where the save file is. Have you done that? By default, it’ll be looking at your Documents / FMT saves folder, not your desktop. 

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