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Chris Hamilton

Should there be a minimum stadium capacity for Scottish premiership?

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Recently got my Montrose team promoted to the premiership and couldn’t help notice there doesn’t seem to be a minimum requirement for your stadiums capacity. There’s nothing in the rules tab about stadium capacities so I’m allowed to play at my links park which only has a capacity of 4900 with about 1400 seats. Quite sure previous versions have made you expand as soon as you get promoted and in real life the requirement is around 5500-6000 seats?

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Posted (edited)

It got scrapped when the league reconstruction came into place. The minimum requirement for competing in the Premiership & Championship is the SFA Bronze Standard Certificate. League 1/2 is the SFA Entry Level Certificate.

6000 covered seats are only required to help get the Gold Certificate. If I mind right, the minimum capacity for the Bronze Certificate is 500 covered seats (spaces?)


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