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Promoted Teams.

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I was thinking about the number of unused teams in the game and pondering how to make better use of them.

Would it be feasible to add a flag to each team's entry in the database giving a minimum number of seasons that would need to be played before they could get promoted into the a playable league?

For example, a player has the Premier League, Championship, League One , League Two, National League and National League North/South active. Normally, only teams from the the Northern League Premier, Southern League (Central & South) and Isthmian League Premier can be promoted into the regional National Leagues, but by adding a flag in the profile of, for example, Hyde United, you could make it take at least two seasons before they had a chance of appearing as the promoted team, even if their reputation makes it less likely than others (since we already see very low reputation teams getting promoted on occasion ahead of teams with a larger reputation).

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