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Hello Everyone,

when I instruct my defensive line to drop deeper, does my whole team drop deeper as a unit, or only the defenders drop deeper, therefore making the gap between my defence and midfield greater? (I know team shape also influences the distance between the lines)
What confuses me is the in-game description, for a higher defensive line the game states my defenders remain closer to the midfield (that is obvious), but on the other hand, for a deeper defensive line it states the team "retreats into a more compact shape". And to me a compact shape means the players remain close to each other. But I am not sure if that is the case here.

The reason I'd like to know it is because if the whole team dropped deeper, it would mean I could build a solid defense even with an attacking mentality (meaning I only play with greater risk when my team have tha ball), otherwise for a solid defensive shape I would stick with counter/defensive mentality.

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I've used much deeper and slightly deeper lines and I can see a larger gap between the defensive and midfield lines. If you use the lower mentalities the team as a whole sit deeper.

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