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Posted this over at EHM TBL, archi suggested I post here:


Hey...I've been doing some tweaking of lower age group leagues/teams and I've noticed something bizarre...when I tell the game to start with generated juniors to fill out youth teams, the game does a good job of generated guys with the national/regional birth place reflective of that particular league or city.

But when the game brings new classes in every year to these leagues/teams, it often creates muddled messes - so for example, a Nova Scotia (Halifax is the city) based Midget team got a new class of generated prospects and not only are a bunch of the Canadian players from British Columbia and Alberta, etc (not Nova Scotia or adjacent Eastern Canadian provinces) - but it will randomly fill in squads with bizarre foreign born prospects.  See below.

Since these leagues are not "playable" - the only real geographic identifier is the city (and thusly Province or State) that is used as the "Home City".  I know that if you don't fill in "Home City", the game tends to randomly choose the birthplace of generated kids.  But in this case, Halifax (with coordinates and everything) is filled in as the "Home City". 



I guess the only thing I can think of is that in this particular league I setup, I have clubs from all the QMJHL area provinces...so a Nova Scotia club, a couple Quebec clubs, etc.  With the goal that they all eventually funnel into the QMJHL draft.   That still doesn't explain why kids from Western Canada or odd European countries are showing up but now I wonder if it confuses the game so have a league with multiple provinces at this level.  I guess I'll try to do an individual league all for Nova Scotia and see if that "limits" the generated birthplaces to Nova Scotia.


I realize nobody probably has the answer to this but for future reference, I just created a "Quebec Bantam League" with only one team, a Montreal, Quebec based team and in 2020 the fake players generated were from the Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, Israel, South Korea, Serbia and Romania.  Meanwhile a "Nova Scotia League" with only one team, a Halifax based team, had 5 Canadians all from British Columbia.


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