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I get this error in 5-7 days. I have been playing this game since Fm 2002. I have had this error in every version. I am getting an unbelievable amount of errors and this is going to be very annoying now. My current game settings: I do not use any additional packages (logo, form, theme). Database size: large
9 league selected.Graphic settings: lowest
Solutions I tried:
1. I dropped the database, only selected one league result: negative
2. I activated the video cards one by one (only Amd or Only Intel) Result: the probability of error is reduced but I still get an error
3. I checked the video card updates Result: negative
4. I repaired and checked the game files via Steam result: negative
5. I checked my drivers (overheating, freezing) Result: negative
6. I checked the game display mode (window mode or full screen) Result: the probability of errors in window mode is reduced but I still get an error
7. Error in the coming days when the result of the output: negative
8. Sport interactive classifier result: negative
9. I cleaned the game cookie files and cache: result is negative
10. I checked game updates results: negative
11. The result of reducing the scope of data processing while progressing in the result: negative
and the outcome: I know that as a result of all this we will again be the source of problems, customers, players, malfunctioning. We will have bad computers.
However, I would like to say that I have repeatedly seen this error in the 2018 version which has existed since Football Manager 2005. You are the producers of this game and you are the first to be the solution source.
I will not buy this game anymore and I will not play it anymore. I do not feel sorry for the paralysis that I gave my only regret is the times that I encountered these mistakes and wasted my time, my labor. Many thanks Sports Interactive Games


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