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I have some questions regarding about Football Manager Mobile 2018. I have tried searching on the forum here but I did not find the information I need and I would rather have someone who works for SI to answer my questions rather than some random user (sorry user!). I have found some information on fmmvibe and fmmobile but I am not sure if those information are accurate or just user's opinions.

Basically, these are the roles i have chosen for my tactic:


WingBack and FullBack (depending on the match)

Central Defender

Central Midfielder

Deep-Lying Playmaker

Inside Forward

Advanced Playmaker


So my questions are as follows:

Question 1

Which are the key attributes and the preferred attributes for each of the roles mentioned above?

Question 2

Which attributes does each of the focus (Fitness, Tactics, Attacking, Goalkeeping, Defensive and Motivational) training improves?

Question 3

Which attributes CANNOT be trained nor will it increase by match experience?

Question 4

Which attributes are hidden and affects the current ability or potential ability

I hope you would be able to answer each of my questions.

Kind Regards,


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I'm the owner of FMMobile.net so I can say the information on there is correct.


  1.  This should help
  2. Here's a rough breakdown:
    1. Fitness - Strength, Stamina, Pace
    2. Tactics - None
    3. Attacking - Dribbling, Passing, Technique, Shooting, Crossing
    4. Goalkeeping - All GK Attributes
    5. Defensive - Tackling, Aerial
    6. Motiviational - None
  3. Mental Attributes cannot be trained like Aggression, Creativity, Leadership (all the middle row of attributes basically) though  some these can go up by match experience and/or age (for instance leadership will go up by age)
  4. Hidden Attributes that influence are usually professionalism, determination, adaptation and work rate.


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