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I have a bid wars bug\loophole you can exploit that I would like to report,and I don't know if this is the right place to do this.but here goes:

If you have a bid war on a player you want to buy, and by scout report you can get him for 5M,so you bid for him,and you got a bidding war, there's a way to buy the player for 5M.


All you have to do, is to throw a really big offer, like 25M,while other clubs bid 10/12,

Press continue,


You will win the auction, and withdraw your offer, you can see (in contract in the player page) that the other bids become active, you bid again,so your bid becomes the only one active, you withdraw it again,

And bid 5M. You're offer becomes the only one active.

All the last paragraph can be done without pressing continue.


I am a cheater in nature,

But I don't cheat in FMM 18, it takes the fun out.

But I did noticed this loophole.

I hope you guys fix it.

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