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First, I’m playing with Tottenham and my youth recruitment level is at extensive, but I still have the option to request an increase in it on my board request options. When I do, it says “your youth recruitment is now considered extensive”. Is this a bug? I don’t see any point in continuing to ask for an increase in it. But I thought the option would disappear when it reached it highest level. 


Also, I am wanting to find newgen wonderkids from around the world. Is there a easy way to search for this? I have both the world scouting packages, and 16 pretty good scouts. Any advice on how to search for these players? I appreciate anyone’s time and feedback. 

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Facilities run on a 20 point scale in the background, so whilst the wording may not have changed you should have moved up a level or two.

If you are looking for players with the actual wonderkid tag then there isn't anyway to do this (the tag isn't all that important anyway as it's affected by reputation so players at smaller clubs may not show as wonderkids until they are bought by a bigger club at which point you're not going to get them cheap).

If you are after young players with potential, then have your scouts scouting youth comps, bigger nations or regions and hope they get lucky, otherwise you can do it manually by scouting the players generated into youth teams on youth intake day, scouting U18's that show up on your player search screen or by scouting the players in the youth national sides.

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