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[FM 18] 8-Tier US Pyramid Issues

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Hi all, 

I've ended up with the dreaded "X has not finished in time for season update day", and I've not got a satisfactory work around for it. I'm at my wit's end and would be absolutely indebted to anyone who could help me figure this out. 

Like most of us, I've put an enormous amount of time into creating this DB. 400+ clubs and stadiums and 8 levels. MLS seems to be the thing holding it back. It's a 26 team league split into groups, with the top four  in in each moving into playoffs. From there it's a 2leg semi then a 1 leg conf. final and league final. 41 dates in total, which seems more than manageable, but nothing seems to work. I've added and deleted dates, moved the update day to and fro, shortened the playoffs, extended and shortened the regular season, gone into the advanced rules for several different leagues to try and match settings, and still nothing. I'm wondering if it's a problem with the stages; I've separated the two conferences so that they have their own playoff brackets, and then the winners meet in the final. I'm wondering if the editor can't figure out that once the final is done that the league is done, or I haven't figured out a way to tell it to do that. 

I'm hoping to keep the playoff format listed above but will scrap it if there's no fix; I just thought I'd see if the community has any tips or more experienced insight. 


American Soccer Pyramid 1803.fmf

2018-05-05 (1).png


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Not sure if this will help but on the "competition" tab of the competition there is an option "last day of season stage index" maybe you can use this to tell the database that the final is the last stage of the competition.

Hope this helps.

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I tried that with all four stages but it didn't work. I might have found the issue, however. I made a copy of the file and then reverted to basic rules. I found there that I had not changed the season end dates to account for the playoffs. I think changing it in the advanced editor doesn't work for some reason. So I'm working backwards and hoping that fixes it. I can hopefully release the first version of the DB later this week. 

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