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Portuguese Youth Regional Divisions Errors

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Since my bug report threat in Pre-editor with reported never give any result i will start a threat here for all updaters that really know. Still waiting for answers from SI.

Many thanks to @Slabbekoorn for all assist in PM's.


My biggest problem is that 2 and 3 youth regional divisions doesn't appear ingame, the Standard division are all right (1 and 2 national / 1 regional division).

On editor everything verifies, on game everything works except that 2 and 3 youth regional division are inactive, even if i didn't set inactive....

Some minor errors are that u18 teams simply vanish and 2 national division lost the age limit, nothing serious to play.


If you have any ideas let me know please

_teste juniores V10.fmf

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So i'm guessing the problem is about the portuguese file of some competition


The 1 and 2 national youth + 1 regional youth appears ingame without any edition, SI created.

If i add the 2 and 3 regional youth league to competition in Portugal, the update doesn't recognizes the relegation from 1 regional division to 2 regional division.



If i also add the 1 and 2 national + 1 regional, i'am duplicated this leagues and for this reason all youth teams from that leagues play more games that allowed in each season.





Someone have an ideia to add 2 and 3 regional to my system?

I am guessing with research archiver i can edit the standard files from 1 national, 2 national and 1 regional but I don't understand how can this be done

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