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[FM17] Little help needed

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So, what's the issue...

I have created in editor continental competition/league (called KAPULA in Africa). League has 8 teams from 4 countries. Each team plays 7 rounds + 1 extra game (8 rounds total; e.g. similiar to Argentine Premier Division, 30 clubs 30 rounds).

And that extra game is problem here... In game, rules section says there are 8 games to be played, but 7 is played instead, and that's wrong

Now, this is maybe bug, or maybe I don't know how to set up that extra game properly... Another issue is that after that 1st season, competition doesn't restart in following seasons...

On FTP I've uploaded 2 save game files - one before start of competition "kapula_1" and one after "end" of competition called "kapula_2a", and "kapula_3a" in semptember 2018, where competition isn't "restarted" yet...    Of course, I 've uploaded editor data called "kapula_edit"

So, I kindly ask somebody to take look at this.. I see @FrazT is active here, so I ask for help him too... THANK YOU IN ADVANCE!!

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