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I have found the latest patch more difficult in that i can create a tactic that will completely dominate the opposition with loads of shots and a good win, however the opposite can also happen in another match. So to overcome the possibility of opponents working out your approach is essential to vary your tactic.

During testing i tried lots of things, some worked, some did not. So each time i kept what worked and took out what did not and adjusted it until i have got what i think is right.

SUNDERLAND - Using Sunderland with the Winter update is difficult. The squad is weakened on the original squad with little money available, any good offers for in form players are accepted. BUT what i have found with tactics is that, a bad tactic will make good players look and perform bad, a good tactic will make average players look good. Some players that i tried to get rid of early season to raise money could not raise a offer but half a season later the offers are flying in.


Named because i use 3 tactics which are similar in formation but very much different in attacking approach. 

THREAT-1 This is the normal approach especially as you start off. it offers some cover in defense but plenty of attacking options. It uses 2 Inside Forwards.

MENTALITY - Control (default), Counter, Defensive, Contain.

WHEN TO USE - Away games, Starting tactic at home when slight favorites.


THREAT-2 This pushes a DM up and plays with an Attacking Mentality with Fluid team shape. This uses 2 Raumdeuters.

MENTALITY - Attacking (default), Overload when needing a goal

WHEN TO USE - At home when good favorites, or if Threat 1 tactic is not effective or have gone a goal behind.


THREAT -3 The more adventurous of the three styles which is setup to attack from the off. This uses 2 Trequartistas.

MENTALITY - Attacking (default), Overload when needing a goal.

WHEN TO USE - At home when really strong favorites. 


NOTE: Mentality - Only use Contain and Overload when really necessary. Contain should only be used when you are playing a top team and want to out the last 20 minutes of the game.

Overload is great for getting goals but if used to much it quickly reduces energy levels.


Give the tactic time to settle, in my game early on i got quite a few draws that i thought i should have won but as it settled the wins became more consistent.






In the FA Cup game away to Man City i started with Tactic 1 on COUNTER but went a goal behind, changed to DEFENSIVE and it really made the difference. Changed to CONTAIN around the last 20 minutes and although Man City were the better team i looked dangerous every time we went forward.

If you are playing with any of the Top teams you will probably only need THREAT 2 & 3.







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DURING MATCH GAME: All 3 tactics are aggressive, otherwise your defense just do not tackle. So throughout the game you need to monitor the energy levels AND any player that has been carded. Always make full use of your subs. If a player is red carded reduce the midfield 3 by one.


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I have made mistakes in the past by thinking when creating a tactic 'the more shots the better'. This is not true with this patch. I was getting 30 shots and scoring one goal but thinking by creating so many shots the wins would come. But it is more effective to try and be stronger defensively whilst creating better chances when attacking. As in the first game of the Premier League season above. Man City had more shots BUT we had more on target. I used 'THREAT 1'  and using Mentality Control, Counter, Attack, Defend and Contain. I started with Control but Man City were getting too much of the game, switched to Counter and got into the game. Changed to Attack and scored 1-0. Switched to defend, When Man City scored 1-1, changed to Counter, then Attack. Scored 2-1, changed to defensive then Contain to see out the game, scored again 3-1.

Normally i would not change so much but against a big team i find it better as they try to work you out then play against that so by keep changing it prevents them from doing that!


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14 hours ago, andysafc said:


threat 1 for almost all away games with control mentality, for easier matches away i was using threat 3.

For home matches mostly threat 3 and threat 2, all matches played with instant result.

conceded loads but its because players quality i think, and score most goals in the league. good job

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