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My first overall impression:

Seems to be a bug with injuries (strange since they seem to have got it right in the 8.02 patch so why not carry it over?) and player fitness, which hopefully will be sorted with the first patch! Have experienced something in the danish league with youth players all training as senior players but donno if anybody else has experienced this. In addition, I must say I am a bit dissapointed with the economy in the danish league which I had hoped had been fixed, but then again have not been able to test it in the long run, have only played until september and obviously the FM Demo stops in Jan 09. Still, danish teams have unrealisticly huge transfer budgets, and perhaps due to the (possible) youth bug, salaries seems to have exploded. A 16 year old talent requested 4.500 euro a week, seems very much over the top!

However, I'm pleased with the overall game and find that the 3d works very well, people complaining needs to realize this is the first year version so you can only expect so much! If people want better graphics it will obviously require better computers and at the moment enough people are complaining about their seemingly "super new lap top computers that are only two years old" and lo and behold they are not powerfull enough to run this "system hog" of a game...! People need to remember that laptops are never as powerfull as desktop pc's eventhough the specs are seemingly the same. Unfortunatly alot of the laptops sold at a reasonable price are only good for writing and seaching the internet regardless of how new they are.

As to the tactics and match engine it seems to be working fine for me and i'm using a tactic created for fm08. If people are not satisfied with the performance of their team perhaps they should play around with their tactic a bit more...

There is alot of nice new features, and my personal favourites are assistant advice during matches, and the reserve team manager asking which players he can use before a game, and the nice little touches like having a matchday roundup! However, though i'm very happy with the feature that you can select to view whatever match day info you like, I would have liked that the info screens become transparent when the mouse curser is not hovering over them as the obscure much of the pitch otherwise (I know I could just close them but as lazy as I am I want them to stay open so I can quickly get an overview of how things are going!)

Its encouraging that a patch is coming out so soon, but lets start a petition for a dataupdate as well! No reason the game should not be as up to date as possible when it is finaly released!

Comments are welcome!

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