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Weird Squad Numbers in 2nd Season

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Since 18.3.3 came out this is my first time playing a second season after bouncing around trying different tactics.

So after being promoted from the English Championship I had a horrendous run of playing all the so called big 6 in my opening 6 weeks, but when playing UTD I noticed Sanchez had lost the number 7 and now he's 13 and Lukaku no.9 now 11 but UTD had bought Cavani and Icardi and sold Martial for their numbers to be a little understandable but Herrera got 10 and Ibra went to 30. If your keeping count they now have 5 top strikers for 1 spot. 

Just played Tottenham and beat them 5-1 *woo-hoo* and Kane was wearing 13. Let that sink in "Kane wearing 13" Ericsson got 10 and Jansen back from loan got 9.

Arsenal Miki gone to 13 after Aubi got 7 after they signed man for 14.

Man City bought Fekir, he's 13 and at least at Chelsea Moratta got 14 because Courtois is locked on 13.

Anyway I taught this problem had been solved years ago. It's not a big deal or game breaking but it's just taken a bit of realism away from me. I still love squad number announcements. I think there maybe a rule in England about having to use the next available number but surely some sub goalie would have 13. Before a top player would have to leave for his number to be reassigned so is this a little bug or what?

I don't have custom databases. Just Pic's and Logos etc.. Sorry for the ramble but I haven't slept. ;)

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