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Hello all,

As the title suggests there appears to be some issue in the RGB values displaying correctly in-game for the team text/title bar when edited using either the in-game editor or the pre-game editor.




Here you can see the colour choices for the text displayed correctly using the in-game editor (the results would be identical using the pre-game editor as well (tested)).


Here is the example of how the game interprets the RGB values set in the editor, the difference is apparent.




Here you can see I have set the background to black and the text to blue (appearing correctly if a little hard to see in the editor)


The result in-game is pure white text instead of the blue.


if anyone knows of a work-around to force the game to display the true RGB colour values stipulated in the edited db that would be super.

Many thanks in advance for any help.

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Hi Legofingerz,

I think this comes down to some under the hood code which aims to make sure the title bar colours are more readable. In some cases, this means colours are altered slightly from what they are set.

Hopefully the info in the link below can help you out, if I'm understanding this issue correctly! The info is from FM16 but should still be valid.


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