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Just reached the end of the transfer window of season 2 and there is absolutely zero major transfers anywhere across Europe. Major transfers are the ones which were already fixed like Keith to Liverpool and Vinicius to Real Madrid etc. I checked the budgets of a few teams and they have a lot of money, arsenal had more than 50 million. But no one is spending it. Surely this is some sort of a bug? Anyone else seen this happening? 

I am on the latest database (18.3) and I picked 6 leagues including Brazil, I set the start date as first week of may 2018 which you get an option to do through Brazilian league. But I can’t for the life of me figure out why the AI transfers are broken. Please help! Have spent so much time building my team would hate if there is something wrong with this save. 

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12 minutes ago, karanhsingh said:

Can anyone help? Game feels completely unrealistic. Need to figure out what’s causing this. 

I had the same problem. My solution is to uninstall FM 2018 and not buy it again. This game is garbage.

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