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World League Challenge (v0.1) - Which League is the best????

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World League Challenge (V0.1)

Which League are the strongest league in the world? 
Thats a question many Football fans debats all the time. But with this database you might going to get the answer.
What if every league got the chance to pick a all-star team, with both stars and talent, who would win the first season, and who would stand the test of time?

- V0.1 is a early beta version of the database.
- Its only released for getting input to make it as good as possible
- Only the 20 best league has been put in the database for now
- Cups are not up for running jet.
- Finans is not fully up and running



1: How many players is there in every team?

2 senior + 2 young: GK, DL, DR, DMC, OMR, OMC, OML
4 senior + 4 young: DC, MC, FW

2: Why is player X not on the team, he is way better than player Y?

All seniors are pick by the highest CA, and all young are pick by the highest PA. So don't blame the creator, blame SI!

3: Which stadium do the team play on?

Fore the most the teams plays on the national arena, also they play in the national kits.

4: Why does Premier League only have the 3rd best reputation?

I took the team with the highest reputation in the league, and made it into the league team, deleting all the history. In the beginning its also the club teams staff the runs the league team.

5:How many division will the final version have?

As for now I'm going after 3 division, and maybe an other structure where there will be 2nd teams of each countries. 


6: Why can't I buy any Players?

I Banned the transfer windows for the first year, so its only players in the league that play against each other. Maybe I wil banned even more season, what do you think?


7: Where does the regens from each team come from?

Every team is based in its own country, so the regens should mostly be with the same nationality as where their are based.

Mediafire - V01

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