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Changing the colour of the knowledge level box

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Would anyone be able to tell me what and where the modifier is for the colour of this knowledge level box on the scout card screen?


I've used:

<colour name="scout card" value="dialog_box_background" />
<colour name="scout card text" red="204" green="204" blue="204" />

To change the background colour of the scout card to a darker colour to match the skin I'm using.  Not sure what I need to change to make the knowledge level box darker too.

Thanks in advance.

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think its on the panel -player scout reports for scouting centre card- there should be a link to the graphic in that file

if that's where I think I remember it is!


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Yeah should be this line:

<container class="bordered_box" width="180" red_replacement="blue grey 100">

From the 'player scout reports for scouting centre card' xml file found in the panels/player folder.

Changing the red_replacement value to a different colour should recolour it.

If the file isn't included with your skin you'll need to extract it instructions here:


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