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Editing a team and creating players

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Hey guys!


feel free to move this if its in the wrong place.

i want to make a team from my home town in italy and put them in serie C.

i figured out how to do that so thats not what i want help with.

what i do want a bit of help with is to ”mass create” staff and players..

now i know i can leave all that out and just tick ”add persons bla bla bla” when i start a new save. But what im wondering is..

can it be made in the pre game editor using specific ”rules”

lets say i want FM to create a squad consisting of italian players under 21years.

and an all italian staff under 40 years.. can that be done? So that FM creates names, birthplaces stats and so on an so on, instead of me having to come up with 35 names and all that stuff.


how would you go about doing that the fastest and easiest way? Or is it impossible to do?

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