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How big a first team do you have?

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Been wondering this for a while, but how do you decide how many players to keep in the first team and who to drop to the reserves. Traditionally I've had first teams of over 30 players but I'm wondering if this is actually the best way to go. It does mean I'm having to make sure that a lot of my unused substitutes are available to the reserve team until match fit. 

What do others do?

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22 players. Literally a backup for every position and no more. My ultimate goal in every save is to have 22 equally good players (relative to their position) and then I heavily rotate and constantly keep my squad fresh.

When I haven't reached that stage yet I still rotate entire squads, but in cup games and against weaker opposition in the league.

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Always way too many....  buying players with marginal improvements over the current ones, then I can't shift the players I do have for anything like >50% of their value.

I do it in every.single.game.....



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