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Would anyone like to simulate a British football Cup?

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I am writing an alternate history for a UK football team and although the leagues remain the same, there is a UK-wide football competition replacing the Scottish League Cup, Football League Cup, and Welsh Football League Cup, and is also open to teams in the Northern Ireland Football League. I have tried to use the FM editor, but suffice it to say I am useless with editing/ modding etc. So I am here to ask if anyone would be interested in doing this? Ideally it would go as far back as the 60's, but even just a couple of years would be great. I'll rewrite the timeline to start the competition from wherever it can be simulated from. I'll write up the results on this page - http://althistory.wikia.com/wiki/UKFA_Cup_(UKatWC)#results and individual pages detailing each years competition. Thanks for reading!

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Sorry I forgot to say, all the players in this alternate timeline are the same as normal, might make it quite difficult with regens etc. But it doesn't need to be that difficult, we can just use the results without naming the goalscorers. Would be good to have a few results for non English teams in there since it's a British Cup. Also RoI aren't in this, separate country and all that.

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