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Hello, my fellow managers how has your day been so far? Good, well, brace in, get another cup of coffee if needed, because I'm going to be telling you some changes that I want to see in the next version of FM! By some changes, I mean a lot of changes! You may be wondering why I am talking about Football Manager 2019 when it is at least 8 months away, I feel that there is no such thing as too early to talk about change when it is needed! Now, let's crack on! 








A change I would like to see made to All platforms for FM(Full version, Touch, Mobile):


  • *Option to offer an assist bonus to players in contract negotiations - In real life, midfielders who don't score as often as strikers are offered assist bonuses to entice them. If Football Manager wants to retain its selling point as a game that is as close to reality as possible, then this change should be implemented in the next version of the game!
  • Addition of Backstory to Managers: Position they played in their career, which could influence what badges could be attained, Personalities, Managerial styles, Marital Status, Relationships with other managers and players, etc.
  • More Tactical Control: Ability not to order any crosses into the box or the ability to add a tactical instruction to send through balls.



Changes to FM Touch Exclusively:

  • *Ability to buy an In-Game Editor that manipulates the details of players, managers, staff, chairmen, fanbases, stadiums, awards, and tournaments or if a manager completes some kind of task, the unlockable should be offered up for free! I don't mean to be insulting when I say this, but how does it make sense for me to be able to buy an in-game editor on the mobile version, yet not on the Touch version? I believe that the ability to buy this unlockable should be accessible to all platforms of FM!
  • Press Conferences for Important Matches, such as Derbies and Cup Competitions, new signings, as well as occasional tunnel interviews!


Changes to FM Mobile:

  • More attributes provided in a profile of a player, more specifically, set-piece attributes. In a scouting report of a player, I can see the player's proficiency when referring to set-pieces, yet I cannot see their attributes. I hope this is changed in FMM 19, but it's nothing urgent!
  • Ability to create a manager that as young as 20.

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