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[FM18] The very best of the second best. The almost nearly men.

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End of Season 10 - 2026/27 - Roma



A very good end to the season and we have Europa League football next season!




2026/27 Best XI


Alessandro Plizzari

Tiémoué Bakayoko - Keigo Yûki - Rodrigo Ely

Vegard Antonsen                                                                 Federico Dimarco

Lorenzo Pellegrini - Luis Rendón


Victor Osimhen - Marco Tumminello - Mauricio Orozco




Europa League Review



Man City win the Europa League and so it's another club crossed off the list.


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2027/28 - First half of the season




An amazing first half of the season sees just dropping just 9 points in total and yet we're in 3rd, admittedly just a point off the top spot, it's looking to be a very tight battle for 1st! We also breezed through the Europa League group with no difficulties.


We face Spanish side Rayo, they shouldn't be too difficult.

Croatia end of year review



An amazing first full year in charge as we lose just the one game away to Spain, teenage striker Zvjezdan Sosa has been a revelation scoring 16 goals in his first 10 international games!


Neven Baresic

Tin Jedvaj - Domagoj Blazevic-Slugan - Zvonimir Cacic - Kristijan Matovina

Dario Lihic - Zvjezdan Sosa


Fran Tudor - Stipe Perica - Josip Brekalo

Sandro Kulenovic


Our World Cup qualifying group has also been drawn, 3 decent nations but none should give us any trouble.


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Europa League knockouts  time! :D 


With Joey getting injured in the 94th minute the last kick of the game ended up being at 98:08, probably the longest additional time I've seen! 



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36 minutes ago, Makoto Nakamura said:


Hoffenheim are currently 7th in the Bundesliga, 26 points behind Bayern.

I guess you won 1-0 then ;):p 

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Sorry, but is there any specific reason you are exploiting the ME ? Doesnt that take away everything a "challenge" is meant to be ? Kudos that you are tackling a huge project like this, but with a tactic like this you shouldnt be praised for the success.



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End of season 11 - 2027/28 - Roma





League winners, Copa Italia winners and Europa League winners! I spent 917 days at Wolves and now 918 days at Roma!




2027/28 Best XI


Alessandro Plizzari

Kurt Zouma - Bradley Stuart - Claudio Grossi

Oscar Miccoli                                                                 Giuseppe Pezzella

Luis Rendón - Matías Vargas


Victor Osimhen - Marco Tumminello - Mounir Ma El Aïnin





Europa League Review




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21 minutes ago, Alerion said:

Sorry, but is there any specific reason you are exploiting the ME ? Doesnt that take away everything a "challenge" is meant to be ? Kudos that you are tackling a huge project like this, but with a tactic like this you shouldnt be praised for the success.



It's a tactic that works, I could spend hours trying to make something up myself but I know that I won't be happy with the results, I'm able to breeze few seasons quite quickly knowing that I'll probably still go through rough patches but I know that more often than not they will work themselves out.

18 minutes ago, Rikulec said:

Well done. :thup:

Cheers! :D 

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8 hours ago, deltablue said:

Great Euro win with Croatia

It was great to get one of the nations crossed off, and to bring Zvjezdan Sosa to the international limelight. :D 

5 hours ago, Dexter_Morgan said:

Doing great so far

Thanks Dexter, form is a lot more mixed at Torino!

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2028/29 First half of the season



We are absolutely shocking at the back, we're starting with 2 16 year olds at DLC and WBL and a 17 year old at WBR so it's understandable but we're up in 4th thanks to our attack, a 7-4 away win at Milan being the highlight!



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