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What level of highlights do you watch?

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As the title suggests. I was wondering what the best choice is for highlights in terms of making sure your tactic is working whilst not taking up too much time?

I normally have it on full match then switch to key highlights once I'm happy but I often find I can go a goal of two down it's too late to change the result


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Start with Comprehensive for first 30 mins, then switch to Extended.

Sometimes switch to Key if I'm winning by a comfortable margin though.

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Depends on how good my team plays. If I win most matches with ease, then I often go to Key. If I start to struggle I often review a match completely and try to see where it went wrong, and then try to fix my issues. If I manage to turn it around and start winning regularly again, then I go back to less highlights.

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1 hour ago, HUNT3R said:

The best choice is full match. Second best, Comprehensive. etc.

I watch full match if I need to see my tactic and analyse it. Then, I switch to Comprehensive.


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Just now, Joef599 said:

Thanks everyone

I tried comprehensive as my tactic is decent but not perfect and this seems to work for me

I would prefer full match but for me it takes up too much time 

Just watching 10 or 15 minutes is still less than a complete match on Comprehensive and it'll show you much more too, imo.

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