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Game not saving correctly

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Do you have a controller plugged in per chance? Try removing it and that should fix it - can you confirm what type of controller you're using?

If you want to keep the controller plugged in whilst playing FM, you can disable the controller specifically for FM and it should stop the files being saved without the file path.

To do this follow the instructions below:

- Launch Steam with the controller plugged in and and switch to 'Big Picture Mode' (click the controller icon near the top right-hand corner of Steam).
- Once in big picture mode, go to Library and click on FM2018
- From the left panel, select 'Manage Game'
- Listed within the preferences will be 'Controller Options', so within here disable the controller
- Once this is done, confirm your changes and exit Big Picture Mode

Let us know how you get on. Thanks. 

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Yes. I discovered this was exactly the problem late last night. I have simply removed the controller and everything is working correctly again.

I had an xbox 360 controller plugged in. Everytime I wanted to save a keyboard would come up for me to type the save name. I thought it was just SI adding this to the game.

So yes it was the standard black xbox 360 controller.

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Okay glad you've been able to sort it and thanks for letting us know what type of controller it is. We'll try and reproduce the issue in-house but with the details I posted above you should be able to play without issue.


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