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[Suggestion] DoF to provide a scouting report for any transfers he attempts.

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As you can set up staff responsibilities to create a situation where a Director of Football makes bids for young (or senior) squad members, but have the manager himself deal with contracts and finalisation of the deal, I propose that the DoF should provide a scouting report on the current/potential ability of the player for the manager's consideration.


As it is at the moment, the DoF can bid, turn the deal over to you, and yet provide you with absolutely no information, no scouting report, no wage guesses, zilch. It would make sense to me that he would have this information at hand to provide to the manager to either, go ahead with the deal or reject it out of hand. 


I have just run into this scenario just now, my DoF bid for an apparently very highly rated youngster, but has left me at contract negotiations with no idea of who the lad is, or what he wants. That's not very professional of him! :p 

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