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Polish club football. For anyone who is interested in polish club football, the downfall in the results of Polish clubs in europe is clear. 


In 1964 now 5-th tier Polonia Bytom won the UEFA Intertoto Cup, beating Lokomotiv Leipzig 5-4 in the final. This marked the first time a polish side won an european competiton, sadly it was also the last one.

5a8080e60603c_pobrane(2).jpg.567bd0017b6a2e20ef21cd9db7dfa5c0.jpg h_00240788.thumb.jpg.35dd0d78a79e37bd41debb06767b5811.jpg

In 1970 Górnik reached the Cup Winners Cup final, beating Roma, Olympiacos and Rangers in the process, before narrowly losing out 2-1 to Manchester City. This was the last time a polish club reached a final of an european competiton.


Legia also had a pretty good run in 1970, reaching the semi-finals of the European Cup before crashing out 2-0 to Feyenoord.


In 1983 Widzew beat Liverpool and reached the semi-finals of the European Cup. Sadly they lost 4-2 to Juventus, another polish team came so close, only to lose out when it mattered the most.


In 1991 Legia reached the semi-finals of the European Cup Winners Cup, beating Aberdeen and Sampdoria along the way. Yet again however, this proved to be as far as they got losing out to Sir Alex Ferguson's Manchester United.


In 2003 Wisła reached the 1/8 of the Uefa Cup, smashing Schalke 4-1 at their ground along the way. Lazio proved to be too strong however and beat them 5-4.


In 2011 Lech reached the knock-out stages of the Europa League beating Juventus and Manchester City in the group stages.

But now?

Polish clubs can't even win against clubs from Moldova, Macedonia, Kazakhstan and Iceland to name few. It's embarrasing how bad the league is, despite how good our national team is and how high the interest in football is. We are now behind Macedonia and Cyprus in the UEFA's league rankings, it's shocking how bad the league has become. The whole Poland misses the times when our clubs could stand up against the likes of Liverpool and Man Utd. Now even Astana and Sheriff are too strong, it's about time to change this.

20180211190327_1.thumb.jpg.7f3146f1b29037df9c6347cd6d855c88.jpg 20180211190333_1.thumb.jpg.3acdde90616288ffcee030e17606bc02.jpg

Which leads us here.



Olimpia Zambrów is a Polish football club located in Zambrów, Poland. It currently plays in Polish Third League. The team's primary colors are blue, white, and black. The club has never been higher than Polish Third Tier (second league= 3rd tier) and is a very small club, hence why it got relegated from the 3rd tier last season, where even my **** local team stayed up. I wanted to get them (Olimpia Elbląg), but they wouldn't pop up, so I went with Zambrów instead after holidaying one year, as it's 100% the smallest club that can possibly pop up.

20180211190945_1.thumb.jpg.8de7aa2a51c27232d23fa9fb95c81072.jpg 20180211190954_1.thumb.jpg.dd5a1c159cacc28b671d75e72febf9af.jpg

We barely have any players, let alone good ones. Don't let the stars fool you, 4'5* is barely good enough for this level. This is going to be a long year, trust me.


The bookies seem to agree :D 


But hey! At least we have a lot leagues to get players from! I'm going to meet you just before the first game of the season, after the pre-season ends. Stay tuned ;) 

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Summer transfer window 2017

I didn't play any pre-season frendlies due to the fact that there wasn't that much time for them and I didn't want to risk getting any injuries with how thin our squad was. Anyway onto the exciting part :) 


20180211232612_1.thumb.jpg.cdb85a0f6a1c68159d75c8a33ec85fb2.jpg 20180211232619_1.thumb.jpg.3124bb7eaaf3a80997fb58362ce3face.jpg 20180211232628_1.thumb.jpg.6a4aa0b5aa3e18d1afe96768a4874ff3.jpg 20180211232634_1.thumb.jpg.e554e8be998aacc34fdf2be094e25e2f.jpg 20180211232643_1.thumb.jpg.13674a8d32af8f64a77c43085e0207fa.jpg 20180211232649_1.thumb.jpg.4124fda23d6b5b656da8aa28368edb32.jpg 20180211232655_1.thumb.jpg.64720dd11bf5123b2d2b500f35337b9d.jpg 20180211232703_1.thumb.jpg.618badf47268156385ce5bc96977e858.jpg 20180211232713_1.thumb.jpg.964f9c78402dd918a4f9487171d56165.jpg 20180211232719_1.thumb.jpg.acfbd6db000bcc53ae54711795672b34.jpg 20180211232725_1.thumb.jpg.c0e5025ecbc1c30899ab13d8c1b2b907.jpg 20180211232732_1.thumb.jpg.22d1941bf2a964e037b30725bf80289a.jpg

Quite a busy transfer window, let's put it that way :D I relied on loans a lot, as I didn't have that much money in the wage bill to spend and some of the free agents wanted an insane amount of money, that we just couldn't pay. Overall I'm happy, I did what I wanted to with squad, a good mix of experience and youth and we are now very well covered in most areas of the pitch, plus a lot of the players are 1st division quality, which should strengthen our survival hopes, or maybe hopes of something more (?) :D 

20180211232747_1.thumb.jpg.eca9a11abb732dffcbdaefeded909efa.jpg 20180211232752_1.thumb.jpg.eac63d26771909e0d8c0eebfe9df7113.jpg

Much better. We also now have quite a bit of Germans in the side and knowing how talented they are, we may be a hard team to beat this season :D Probably not but let me dream :lol:


Anyway we begin this month and this season with an away game against third tier side Błękitni, before facing former Polish 'powerhouse' Stal Mielec at home.

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