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I am terrible managing big clubs.  Awful.  Whether i take over with reccomended reputation and badging or get myself a job the hard way starting at LLM. 

I understand the game at Lower leagues fantastically.  Getting promoted and pushing up the leagues.  No problem.  But once there it's a completely different game for me.  Tactics fail no matter what i do.  Its been this way for as long as i can remember.  I even tried a career at Real Madrid and I'm on a 4 game losing streak with a full team available to me.  

Does anyone else have this issue?

And where do I need to adjust my thinking?

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Exact same scenario.  Boston in Championship.  


I think it has to do with the fact I don't alter my tactics much on the way up and find better skilled players than my opponents.  

Once I get to the championship level it requires more oppoaition scouting and tactic alteration which I'm not used to.  And the players are not muxh different.  Also at that point usually my wages are so low i cant compete with big clubs for good players.  

Regardless the game is completely different for me and i still dont get what im missing.  Unless it's these things I just mentioned.

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I can find improvement slows when getting towards the top of the pyramid. If you are playing with the transfer market it will just take a couple of windows to improve the squad to a level where you are stronger than opponents. If it is tactical, use your best players as a priority, make sure every part of the pitch has somebody to defend it and think about how you intend to score goals. Only make small tactical changes and make them gradually.

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