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Making marking easier to set up...

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So, one of the game's tiny ongoing frustrations for me comes when I want to set up man marking... 

Say I want my two central midfielders to mark their opposite number. Right now the process goes something like 'click through to player instructions' > 'go to select opposition player from dropdown list' > 'realize I don't know which player is on which side, as they're both listed as MC' > 'click through to opposition instructions to look at their formation' > 'go back to player instructions and select player from drop-down list' > repeat the whole process for the next guy. Often, if I'm feeling lazy, I'll decide its not worth the hassle.

TLDR: Having the marking options hidden away on the player instructions screen makes it really hard to set in one fell swoop. 

So as an alternative, it'd be great if man marking was instead a column on the opposition instructions screen. Now you'd do down the list and select one of your players from a drop-down, as you would with "closing down", "show onto foot" etc. Ideally an overlay of your team over their formation would highlight any matchups where you might like your players to stick to their man.

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