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i go them every year after the January window update. Gennaro Ruggiero is quality once hes back from loan, ive signed him this year for my betis team to replace javi garcia. Mansueto & Polanso(spelling, hes also a cb) both become good so dont need to buy cbs. La gumina is good for back up. Bentivenga and la faso were goal machines for me in FM17 on the wings as inside forwards but i think bentivenga has went down alot this year and both are out on loan at start. Santoro in fm17 was by far my best player as a box to box but his stats were poor but always got double figures in goals for me.  

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Yes, I'm managing them at the moment. I got promoted first season, and then gradually improved. Sixth in 19-20, second in 20-21, then first in 21-22 and 22-23. Which is where I am at the moment.

The great thing is that you have some serious young talent. Ruggiero, Lo Faso, D'Amico and Angileri will be the foundations of your side for ages, as long as you can keep them away from the bigger teams. D'Amico is on loan with a fixed fee (at Inter I think - luckily they didn't pursue it). 

I had a policy of Italian-only, so once I got promoted I sold pretty much everyone, and was able to pick up better players on Bosmans.

Certainly by the third season I was able to pick up Dickmann (RB, Novara) and Cataldi (CM, Lazio). Following seasons I was able to pick up DiMarco (LB, Sion - though I signed him from Napoli) and Melegoni (CM, Atlanta).

Do whatever you can to sign Emanuel Vignato from Chievo.

I was lucky that I had a regen striker who could score 15-20 a season because strikers are hard to come by.

Although I've been top for two seasons and have a decent budget, signing players is impossible as you're quoted 200m for anyone now. 

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Never managed Palermo but I have Ruggiero & D'Amico in my Villa side that have just finished 2nd in the Prem & got to Europa League final. Ruggiero's fantastic but D'Amico is out of this world, in the past 2 seasons he's scored around 60 goals and got over 60 assists, mainly playing as an attacking right winger.


Good luck keeping hold of them though.

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