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What are the issues with this 4-2-3-1 tactic?

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Hey, so I've been having some issues with my 4-2-3-1 on my yearly Liverpool save. I'm playing something very similar to what I did with Liverpool in FM17 but having a much more difficult time. Not going terribly or anything like that, but I seem to be struggling in attack.

This is the tactic:




I've read and tried to learn what I could from Cleon's 4231 guide, obviously I am trying to do things a little bit differently to exploit what I believe are my team's strengths. 


The way I see it, the player roles are all solid choices and there's a good variety of attacking options here. The central pair - the AMC and DLF - score most of my goals, although my left wingers chip in frequently as well. Having a lot more trouble getting good numbers out of my IF.

WB-S on the right provides width, FB-A on the left should overlap with the winger (both my left wingers are right footed and tend to cut inside anyway). Pretty much a standard double pivot in the middle. 

As far as TI's go, the idea I have in mind is to play quick high tempo football but not route-one obviously. I want to win the ball back quickly and send my pacy forwards rushing forward, not to dissimilar to Liverpool IRL. 4231 should suit this kind of playstyle. At the same time I don't want to just launch balls forward when there isn't any space to exploit because I have no real height or physicality up front or even in my midfield strata, hence the Play out of Defence TI.

All sound, but in practice it's not working as well as I'd like. Any tips? Could it be it just needs a bit more time?

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What exactly is not working as intended? How are the opposition taking advantage of you? How do you watch games? How do you analyze afterwards?

One of the problems you mentioned is that you don't get good numbers out the IF. Meaning...he doesn't score? doesn't assist? Is he missing chances or not getting involved? Ask yourself, is the attack duty the best choice for him? One of his PPMs is to break the offside trap, which means he is trying to run behind the defenders and the attack duty is pushing him even further forward. Have you tried Support role to see if it works better?

In every tactic there should be scorers and suppliers. And the set up should allow that to happen. Does yours do that?

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I was playing similar roles as you and had good results but nothing spectacular. And then I did a few adjustments that proved to be a big hit. 


TI: standard/structured. prevent gk passing,work ball in the box,higher def.line,roam from positions.

The key for me was switching from IF to the AP on the left, and going structured. These two changes made a world of difference.

Then I have options where left FB/A will be WB/S and AP/S will go to AP/A. Usually at home against weaker teams I will do that switch. Also sometimes we go counter/structured with right FB/s to FB/D and left FB/A to FB/S. Usually when we need to see the game out or when playing against stronger opponents away. I can also put AM/A to DM/D if I want even more of defensive stability.

Basically I have a lot of options with this little changes and the system as a whole is working great for now wheter we are going more attacking or more defensive. Mentality and duties can change but shape is always structured.

Hope this helps.

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