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[FM18] Czech bug or my mistake...

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I added new country Mazovia to FM18, and I want set league format for Premier League the same like the new one in Czech Rep. So I made this and... I founded a problem... Huge problem...

The team from Champions Group won the National Cup, and they not shoulded played in final playoff for Euro Cups. But they played, and what worst... they lost the game...

In the next season I've 4 teams in Euro Cup + 1 in CL... But is only 3 places for EC :/ 

I checked everything few times, and I think all is the same like in Czech League. So what is a problem?






!!!NP Mazovia 16CZEpoor.fmf

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Ok... so how I can set that the last team, which qualify for Euro Cup, should be play in playoff? Or not qualify team which won National Cup?



Any ideas?

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